Intel Cancels Larrabee

An Intel blog updates on Intel’s graphic’s chip program and says Larabee is no longer. Anandtech has a good analysis of the blog.

Intel cancelled plans for a discrete Larrabee graphics card because it could not produce one that was competitive with existing GPUs from AMD and NVIDIA in current games. Why Intel lacked the foresight to stop from even getting to this point is tough to say. The company may have been too optimistic or genuinely lacked the experience in building discrete GPUs, something it hadn’t done in more than a decade. Maybe it truly was Pat Gelsinger’s baby.

I don’t know why Intel can’t make Larrabee happen but I am disappointed that Intel can’t be competitive with AMD and Nvidia.

A Look At Incoming Web Traffic

It’s interesting to see what people have been reading on my site. Here is a breakdown:

  2. 23% Main Page
  3. 7% Sony iPod Killer
  4. 5% Unknown
  5. 3% Another Theming Utility
  6. 2% MacOS on CF
  7. 2% Sim City 4
  8. 10% Others (each 1%)

In the case of the “Another Theming Utility” just about every link comes from a search engine with someone looking for a serial number for ShapeShifter or Fruit Menu. (Shame on them). In the case of “Sim City 4” people are either looking for a serial number or graphics card information.

I am most surprised at how many people are coming here looking for info on the AWED scam. If you do a Google search for this lottery scam my site will for usually come up in the first page (depending on what exactly you searched for and when). Very strange and I hope people leave my site knowing that it’s is indeed a scam.