Ahwatukee Arizona's House Of The Future


When I was a kid growing up in Arizona one of the few memories I can recall is visiting the Ahwatukee Arizona “House of the Future” with my Cub Scout group. The house was built in 1979 at a cost $1,200,000 dollars. It was a demonstration for a planned community. It appears to have lost money every year it was sold.

Surprisingly there is no Wikipedia entry on the subject but I did find a June 23rd, 1980 article from InfoWorld on Google Book Search.

The house was designed by Charles R. Schiffner of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. Built over 30 years ago it featured an advanced home automation system with five Motorola 6800 processors linked together. The system was designed by Motorola who was the major employer in Arizona at the time.

It’s important to note that the Ahwatukee home is not a computer controlled home, rather the home permits the tenant to to be in complete control of his environment, making the important decisions which will then be carried out by the microcomputer system.

That’s a quote from Charles E. Thompson, some marketing genius who seems to want to keep people from being scared of the computer controlled house. It’s also worth mentioning that 30 years later, I have been able to reproduce everything that house was capable of for a few thousand dollars and that such home automation capabilities have not yet caught on although the energy saving technologies have.

The house still exists today at 3713 Equestrian Trail, Phoenix, Az and can be seen on Google Maps. Although they gave tours back in the day for $3, I can’t seem to find any information on who the current owner is or even pictures of the interior on the internet.

Update 2016-01-14 More pictures of the house can be found at PrairieMod’s “More House Of The Future“.

Update 2012-12-27: I have found 10 photos from my trip from the early 1980’s.

Ahwatukee House Of The Future 1

Ahwatukee House Of The Future 2

Ahwatukee House Of The Future 3

Ahwatukee House Of The Future 4

Ahwatukee House Of The Future 5

Ahwatukee House Of The Future 6

Ahwatukee House Of The Future 7

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Ahwatukee House Of The Future 10

Base Closures

If you live in an area where there is a military base, then you’ve no doubt heard that the Pentagon wants to close several bases. They have officially released the list, thankfully Albuquerque was spared since it’s estimated that Kirtland air force base brings in about 4 billion dollars annually. You can’t miss the base, if you ever fly into Albuquerque the base and Albuquerque International Airport are hard to tell apart. Being the small town that we are, you often see (or more likely hear) fighter jets overhead.

However the state of New Mexico was not spared, Clovis Air Force Base (Google search)is on the list to be closed. I suspect that this will wipe out Clovis, there’s not much else there. But I find statements by our elected representative funny:

Rep. Tom Udall, D-N.M., whose district includes Cannon, called the announcement “wrong-headed.”
“It would be an understatement to say that we are all surprised by the Pentagon’s decision,” Udall said.

Dude, they said they were going to close bases. Why would you be surprised that your base was picked over anyone else’s? I’m not saying they shouldn’t be upset or fight the closing, but its the supid the way such congress persons make statements of amazement and shock. 

Google Puts My Site At The Top

Don’t ask me how or why it works like it does. But A post I made just about 1 days ago already shows as the first result on Google. Doing a Google search for Election Postponement shows my post as the very first result. Oh if only all those post spammer had whatever magic my site has.

The funny thing is there are probably on a dozen, if that, people linking to me. It’s not the first time it’s happened either, as many other post I’ve made have shown up as my page first on the list, things that I’m not neccissarily the expert on (like almost everything I post). Oh well, in a few days I expect it will drop in the rankings. For a while I had the top listing for the post I made about the FCCSong, now I show as about the 70th result. 

Site Flavored Google Search

Google Labs has a new feature.

What is Site-Flavored Google Search? Site-Flavored Google Search uses a Google search box to deliver custom web search results, based on a profile filled out by a site’s webmaster. The profile reflects the content of the website, and when the site-flavored search box is placed within the pages of that site, users are able to view search results that are “flavored” to be more relevant to them. To put a Site-Flavored Google Search box on your site, click the “Start here…” link above.

So without further adue, here is one for the site you are currently visiting…

Google homeHTML = “”; document.getElementById(“hm”).innerHTML = homeHTML;

A Look At Incoming Web Traffic

It’s interesting to see what people have been reading on my site. Here is a breakdown:

  2. 23% Main Page
  3. 7% Sony iPod Killer
  4. 5% Unknown
  5. 3% Another Theming Utility
  6. 2% MacOS on CF
  7. 2% Sim City 4
  8. 10% Others (each 1%)

In the case of the “Another Theming Utility” just about every link comes from a search engine with someone looking for a serial number for ShapeShifter or Fruit Menu. (Shame on them). In the case of “Sim City 4” people are either looking for a serial number or graphics card information.

I am most surprised at how many people are coming here looking for info on the AWED scam. If you do a Google search for this lottery scam my site will for usually come up in the first page (depending on what exactly you searched for and when). Very strange and I hope people leave my site knowing that it’s is indeed a scam.