The Dead Black Bear And The Underage Girlfriend

A story from Espanola New Mexico is just too good to miss.

According to court documents, it was while he was driving around town with the dead bear hanging out the back of his flatbed, that his 17-year-old girlfriend started texting Lopez.

Lopez allegedly told his girlfriend he was on official bear duty.

Unaware that the underage girl was following his pickup, he made a stop at another girlfriend’s house.

There Are Things We Just Cannot Explain

Ex-wife I understand, but that he has a girlfriend now. Some people just go too far sometimes and I think this is one of those times.

Willie Windsor, 54, of Phoenix has for several years lived as a full-time baby, wearing frilly dresses, diapers and bonnets, sucking on a pacifier, eating Gerber cuisine, and habitually clutching a rag doll, in a home filled with oversized baby furniture. According to a long Phoenix New Times profile in June, the diaper is not just a prop. Windsor said he worked hard to become incontinent, even chaining the commode shut to avoid temptation, and the reporter admitted feeling “disconcert(ed)” that Windsor might be relieving himself at the very moment he was describing his un-toilet training. Apparently, Windsor’s brother, ex-wife, girlfriend and a neighbor tolerate his lifestyle (though no girlfriend has yet been willing to change his diapers). Windsor is a semi-retired singer-actor and said he’s been celibate for nine years. [Phoenix New Times, 6-9-05]

Thanks Sis!. Here’s the original article at the New Times.

Praying Mantises Having Sex In The Garden

I found these two getting it on in the green bean vines the other day. My hope was to catch on video the final moments when the female eventually eats the male (something my Girlfriend, who was really pissed at her ex at the time, wanted to see).

Unfortunately they were at this for hours. I even set up my video camera on a tripod and left it out there. In a hour I would come back, they would be in the same position, I would rewind the tape and do it over. I couldn’t find any info on how long they take. It was getting dark and the sprinklers were scheduled to come on so I gave up on them. 

Dog Eats Man's "Twigs & Berries"

Albuquerque got a little national news this morning, or so my Girlfriend tells me. As she saw it on some national news show this morning (a slow news day I guess). It also explains all the cops near the house yesterday.

Albuquerque police say the unidentified man was walking the dog when it attacked him. Police say the man was seriously injured in the groin area.

Susie Rayos Marmon Elementary School, where this happened, is about 1000 feet from my house. Apparently the dog took the mans parts with him. I also heard that the guy was drunk but it’s just hearsay at this point. As far as I know they haven’t found the dog. I will be wearing a cup prior to leaving the house today.

[Update 8/31/04] It’s gets stranger. According to the news tonight (in which they showed our house for 2 seconds) the man was found naked and the dog was “abused”. The dog is still at large. 

Great Weekend

The last few weeks has provided New Mexico with a lot of precipitation in the form of Snow. The Santa Fe Ski Basin has over 71 inches of snow. We (as in some friends from work) had the opportunity to enjoy it on Saturday. Although it was windy it was also sunny (sunny enough to give me a sunburn on the right side of my face) and just the right temperature. The skis I bout over 5 years ago are a bit straight so I rented some modern shaped skis from the ski area. For a measly $18. Last few times I went skiing we were exhausted by 3:30, this time we were the last persons on the lift leaving the mountain about 4:30. I can say this was the best skiing this year.

On Sunday the it was in the high 60’s. We went to the Fiery Food Show at the Albuquerque convention center. I’m not much into spicy food but my Girlfriend is. The place opens in the morning for vendors and opens at 12 for the public, we got there at 12 and it’s a good thing we did. By the time we left at about 1:30 the parking garage was filling up. The place was packed, you could hardly walk to the various booths. Watching the news tonight they said this was their best year by 15%. We walked over to check out Tucano’s Brazilian Restaurant. Our first time to this kind of restaurant and we weren’t in the mood to pay $19.95 a person for all the meat we could eat so we just got the salad bar.

It was a busy but great weekend. 

Did Ex-Intel Engineer Maher Mofeid Aid The Taliban?

When Ex-Intel engineer Maher ‘Mike’ Mofeid Hawash was arrested for having done bad things related to the Taliban I was skeptical. I thought that he was probably innocent. My girlfriend disagreed with me, as she usually does, asking, “Why would they arrest him if he didn’t do something wrong?” My argument was that the government was/is desperate to find bad guys so they will find someone who looks like they have done something wrong and try to make an example of them, or to better support the war in Afghanistan. Now he has “pleaded guilty to one of three charges that he conspired to aid and abet the Taliban”. He pleaded guilty either because he cohorsed into it or, more likely, the evidence against him was to overwhelming for him to fight it.

As of recent my thoughts about the government and the media have changed. I still think George Bush is a bad president and his administration is ran just as bad. I still think John Ashcroft is the closest thing to a antichrist that we can get. Mainly because I think the primary mission of the US government and the citizens is to protect and preserve the freedoms that we have. Taking away those freedoms to protect them is the wrong strategy. I have always been aware that the media puts their own spin on the news, Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh being the most extreme examples of this. I never considered how much spin was put on even local news. A recent Q&A on slashdot with the DOJs IP Attorneys on piracy has also made me rethink who these government guys are and just how they are running things and that my “they don’t care about the public at large” attitude my be misguided.

I made my assumptions on Mr. Hawash’s innocents not on facts, since none was revealed, but more on media spin. I hope to do this less in the future. However I still don’t really know the facts and cannot be sure that he is really innocent or guilty at this point. 

El Paso, Texas & Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico

I wanted to take my Girlfriend and her boys to Carlsbad Caverns since none of them had been. I had been there once before. Since her sister lived in El Paso we decided to visit here for a day and go to Carlsbad the next day. I had never been to El Paso before and was expecting a dirty run down city. Being so close to the Mexico border and Juarez, Mexico. What I found there was a city bigger than Albuquerque and very historic.

IMG_3140The trip down Interstate 25 from Albuquerque to El Paso has nothing interesting to see. But it only takes about 4 hours. In El Paso you can see Mexico from the freeway. The Rio Grand is the border between Mexico and the US, and the river isn’t that wide at the border. Looking at the Mexican side of the border you see a lot of brightly painted houses and small streets. I can imagine what the US side looks like to the Mexicans with our tall buildings for shopping and industry. As if were mocking them with our prosperity.

IMG_3145We did not go into Juarez and the people we met there hadn’t been either/ They mostly told me that there wasn’t much there unless you want to go and party. On the next visit I don’t plan to go either. However on the next trip I hope to stay longer and check out the more historic parts of down town El Paso. On our way out of town there was a border patrol stop. It was interesting that it was there as it was. I wonder if they have one on every exit out of town. They just asked us if we were all Americans and then sent us on our way. It was a mostly boring ride down highway 62/180. But there was some interesting parts like Salt Flat, TX the Guadalupe Mountains National Park. El Captain is visible along the drive. Along the drive I saw quite a few abandoned gas stations and hotels. I often see them along I-40 when I drive to Arizona. I suppose there was a time in the early 1900’s that cars were less capable and it took longer to get from place to place so people needed to stay at hotels along the way.

IMG_3148The Caverns are just south of Carlsbad New Mexico. Prices are reasonable at the cave and they don’t charge for parking. It’s a long into the main part of the cave, half of which is just walking down. But don’t worry there’s is a elevator to take you back up. Bats live in the cave. At night there is a sitting area where people can watch the mass exodus. We did not stay to see that.

The drive back was the most horrible. I figure it takes 6 hours to get to Carlsbad going south of it via El Paso. There are no major high ways into Carlsbad and going north you have to take smaller state roads where the speed limit is 55-65 MPH. This makes a big difference on how long it takes and it must have taken us 9 hours to get back. Our route was north to Roswell the west to I-25. Since you pass through many towns along the way that slows you down even more, and just before we reached I-25 it seems like we had been driving for ever. Which we had. These sort of trips remind me that there was a time when people rode horse through this country with no road or stops along the way. There was some stuff to look at along the way and they were thinking I was lost. I kept assuring them I wasn’t lost, it just was taking a long time.

Lincoln New Mexico was in between Roswell and i-25. I had no idea this place even existed. There is a It is certainly a historic town, nestled in the middle of Lincoln Nation Forest. This National Forest is the birthplace of Smokey the Bear. If we ever go to Carlsbad again, for my Family’s sake I will drive south through El Paso