I Won A DuoFast FloorMaster 250BN Nailer

One Project Closer had a give-away for a DuoFast FloorMaster 250BN Nailer. I made a comment to enter the contest and and won.

And it’s time to declare the winner of our latest giveaway for a DuoFast FloorMaster 250BN Nailer.


The competition was intense but we only have one nailer to handout and this one goes to Greg from Greg In The Desert. Greg left a comment on the giveaway announcement good for one entry and he got real lucky. Congratulations!

What the Winner Gets

Greg gets a brand new DuoFast FloorMaster 250BN Nailer delivered to his front door, a retail value of about $275.

This nailer features a 45° angled tip- perfect for installing hardwood floors, 120PSI max pressure, and sinks 16 gauge finish nails through 1.5″ of solid material consistently. This nailer is a great addition for the tough spots where a traditional nailer won’t fit.

What am I going to do with this floor nailer? I’m not sure as I have concrete floors. I’m sure I will find use for it in the future.

2009 Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta Photos


I did not attend this year’s Albuquerque Balloon Fiasco, er… I mean Fiesta. I don’t need to because The Albuquerque Convention and Visitors Bureau thinks it the most photographed event in the world.

As of this post using, Flickr as a gauge, there are 7,178 photos or videos taken between 10/03/2009 and 10/18/2009. Is there another event which has more photos on Flickr?

Instruments Part I

I was able to adapt the Hot Rod series speedometer and tachometer to fit into the original housing of my Ford Mavericks gauge cluster. I still need to figure out how to mount the rest of the gauges.