Updated: Bear Found In Rio Rancho, Near My House

There was a 200lbs bear in Rio Rancho this morning. The bear was initially spotted right near my house then was chased into a tree a few blocks from my house. There was quite the circus around the neighborhood with all the police, fire and ever single news van in the state.

KRQE has a report and video from this morning. I don’t know what happened to the bear but I’m sure Game and Fish knocked it out and took it away.

Update: The link to KRQE seems to be doing something weird. You can watch the original breaking news on YouTube. KRQE has a follow-up about the incident with a video on YouTube. They don’t know where the bear came from but it will be going to the Zuni mountains.



Isotopes Chili Race: My First YouTube Upload

In an effort to get familiar with iMovie, pending the iLife ’09 release at the end of January, I started looking at some of the video I have taken with my Cannon G9. The camera takes really good video, I just wish it would zoom and focus while recording.

As part of this experiment I have uploaded my first video to YouTube. The video is of the Chili and Taco race at the Albuquerque Isotopes game on 5 May 2008. There’s quite a few of these races posted on YouTube but I think I’m the only one in widescreen. There is a high quality version available but it’s not quite as good as what I get in iMovie.

New Mexico Scorpions Still Loosing Money

First Scorpions game in Rio RanchoAn Albuquerque Tribune article discusses how the Scorpions didn’t make enough money during their first season in Rio Rancho to cover costs. They didn’t make enough money when they were in Albuquerque, either.

I can certainly see why they would thing the grass will be greener here in Rio Rancho, really what did they have to loose? I’m still concerned, how long will they continue to loose money? What if Rio Rancho’s growth doesn’t happen as fast as it needs to? Real fans are already driving to Rio Rancho to watch the games, what else will be done to attract new fans?

I’m still surprised to hear people complain about the drive to the Arena. Unser Road did suck, but it’s mostly better now. Any major city with major league sports have much worse traffic problems than Rio Rancho. I don’t think people know how good they have it.

New Arena Progress

The ice floor is taking shape and soon the chiller will be connected to the building. For hockey fans this is one of the truest signs that the hockey drought is almost over. Season ticket holders can even see the seating bowl and picture their view of the Scorpions beating the competition. Come this October, anyone attending a Scorpions game will have a great view of the ice surface no matter where they sit. No more posts or pillars obstructing the view.

A article on the status os the Santa Anna Star Center