More Gopher Fun In Albuquerque

Looks like I’m not the only one with gopher problems.

An irrigation ditch in the South Valley overflowed Friday morning flooding a residential neighborhood near Isleta and Rio Bravo. Officials are blaming the incident on damage caused by gophers. Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District crews worked in the predawn hours to repair the damage and staunch the flooding.


Strange Image In Security Camera Makes People Forget Reason

A surveillance camera at the First Judicial District courthouse downtown captured a strange image Friday morning that left sheriff’s deputies, lawyers, clerks and judges scratching their heads as to what it might have been.
Some thought it was the ghost of a man killed at the courthouse more than 20 years ago after bringing a rifle to the building and taking several people hostage. Others felt it had to be a reflection from a passing car or a piece of cottonwood tree fluff. Still others threw their hands in the air, but somehow liked the image anyway or at least the hullabaloo it prompted.

Video available with the article. It’s low quality video with a dirty camera lens. It could be a bug, a reflection. I don’t know. I know it’s not a ghost. People see what they want to see.

Update 06/19/07: A follow up article at Free New Mexican.

Finally, another woman asked, “Have you consulted a reputable channeler? If you need help let me know.”

Give me a break!

Update 06/21/07: Here’s the security camera video via YouTube.

UFO? Yes. Alien? Probably Not.

The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta started on Friday. Friday Morning there were, predictably, balloons over my house. When looking up at this one there was this very interesting pink “thing” way up in the atmosphere. I dismissed it as a plane at first but realized that it was just hovering there, then would move some and then hover some more.

It probably was just a high altitude balloon. It’s movement pattern was very strange however. Here’s a blow up of the dot. In the balloon picture you can see a very small dot at the top just off center to the left.

It’s something for sure. I suspect it’s a hot air balloon at it’s max altitude or some other type of balloon. I do not feel that it’s an alien or anything like that.