Albuquerque Craigslist Project Vehicles: 1947 Jeep CJ2A, 1967 Ford Mustang, 1972 Chevy Nova, 1964 Oldsmobile F85 Cutless

1964 Olds f85 project car - $3000

There’s a reason I’m looking at project vehicles for sale on Craigslist, but that’s a subject for a future post. For now I’m surprised at the asking price of these vehicles and I wonder if they are really getting them.

1947 Jeep CJ2A Project Trade - $4000
1947 Jeep CJ2A Project Trade - $4000
1947 Jeep CJ2A Project Trade – $4000

GM stearing gear with all stearing parts custome made from a 4×4 GM truck. No motor. Motor mounts and tran mounts are for GM V-8 and four speed tran. Two transfer cases, one is a 205, and other is Rockwell. Two transmitions one is SM 465 other is a TH 350. Have alot of parts, It has a Dana/44 front and rear, wheel base 8 inches longer and wider, leaf spring over axel, axel’s are drilled 6 lug Chevy disc brakes, rear drum, fly wheel, Bellhousing, Starter, all brackets for motor, roll bar, and many more parts. Clean title.

67 Ford Mustang project. - $3000
67 Ford Mustang project. - $3000
67 Ford Mustang project. – $3000

i have a 67 mustang coupe up for sale its primerd grey and ready for paint i have every to put it together
come with motor and tranny i would love to get $3000 for it but i will consider every offer

1972 Nova project car
1972 Nova project car
1972 Nova project car – $2500

1972 Nova project car that i bought and do not have the time or space to work on at this point, hate for it to go to waste, $2500.00 OBO. Its a rebuilders dream, just not able to do the work. it has TWO 350 engine blocks with it (no block currently in car), boxes of parts, tires, and a detroit locker transmission. It is a Great Buy! it is not running so it does need towed. i have had i garaged since purchase.

1964 Olds f85 project car - $3000
1964 Olds f85 project car - $3000
project car – $3000

1964 Olds f85 cutless no motor no trans $3000 obo

Albuquerque Craigslist: 1965 Ford Galaxie LTD, 1965 Ford Galaxie 500, 1966 Ford Mustang & 1992 Buick Rivera

Today’s look at Albuquerque Craigslist cars and truck ads finds all red vintage fords. Almost.

A beautiful red 1965 Ford Galaxie LTD with white interior for $3650. A good price if it runs wells.


Has good running 390 4V (factory 4V car) auto. Solid body. Has Power steering and is a AC car, Looks like all the AC stuff is their but the belt was removed from the AC compressor, so I am guessing it either needs Freon or mybe new seals in the compressor. I dont know I bought it just like it sits. Did have current plates on it when I bought it, it was being driven. Good Interior. Dual Exhaust and 9 inch rear end. Good deal for only $3650.00 , Has good NM title.

A 1965 Ford Galaxie 500 that looks to be in good shape for a nearly 45 year old vehicle. For $5000 is better run.


1965 Ford Galaxie 500. 2 door hardtop. 289 with two bbl carb newly rebuilt. Runs great starts right up and is an attention getter. Orange and white paint with Orange and white interior. Calling will be a better way to get a hold of me.

A 1966 Ford Mustang with low miles and in good shape for $2500. I have to wonder why it has a salvage title.


1966 Mustang – SALVAGE Title.$2500.00, Low mileage since engine and transmission were rebuilt 6 years ago. 200cc straight 6 engine, Automatic Transmission. My sons lost interest earlier after stripping paint off of trunk and side as you can see. Small dent on passenger door and front right light shroud damaged. No rust that I could see.

While this could have been a all red Ford craiglist round up, I couldn’t resist this next car. A 1992 Buick Rivera (Rivvy on D’s?) with a gold chain steering wheel and champaign bucket for $2950. Good luck explaining that to APD.



My Last Car Rental: 2009 Ford Mustang

2009 Ford Mustang From Hertz

During my last three days in Arizona for work I rented a a 2009 Ford Mustang from Hertz. It wasn’t my choice, it’s what they gave me and while not quite as exotic as the Corvette it’s probably much more common.

It didn’t have the GT badge but it did seem to have the 4.6 Liter V8 and other GT like features . I didn’t look under the hood but I drove it in perfectly legal ways and certainly seemed like it had more than a V6.


I really enjoyed driving this car. I was really impressed with how well Ford integrated some of the retro elements of the car while keeping it like a modern automobile. It handled well, It as comfortable to drive, I fit in it and could extend my legs, I could see out if it well and it had power. Ford states it can get about 25 MPG highway and the computer on the car showed 25 MPG from whoever drove it last (don’t know if it was highway or city).

I’m not alone in my assessment. Consumer Reports gives the Mustang high marks in their test. They liked it better than the Camero and the Challenger.

The Mustang received a Very Good overall road test score of 78, outpointing the Camaro which received a Very Good 71, and the Challenger, which received a Good 53 points. CR’s engineers found the Mustang’s 2010 freshening makes it an even more balanced and satisfying driver’s car than ever before.

“The Mustang topped this group by delivering strong acceleration, communicative steering, and the most agile handling,” said David Champion, senior director of CR’s Auto Test Center in East Haddam, Connecticut.

Since driving the 2009 Mustang I have decided that I am going to buy one. Mostly likely a 2010 model due to some significant improvements (really I want the sequential turn signals). Now, all I need is the money.

Albuquerque Craigslist: 1950 Fleetline, 1967 Mustang & 1973 F100

I often check out the Albuquerque Craigslist to see what kind of cars are being sold.

Here’s a 1950 Chevrolet Fleetline for $4500. The poster says it’s 99% complete (with restoration I assume). If so that seems like a good price.



A 1967 Ford Mustang Convertable for $14000. It’s a steep price unless the car has low miles, even if it’s in really good shape.


1967 Convertible, Windsor White, Red Interior, 289 V-8 Engine, 3 Speed Manual Transmission. Would be a good car to clone into a Shelby Convertible. Very basic model, not a rust bucket. Good interior, good body, no major damage, needs new home. Garage stored, floor panels are good and original. Basically needs nothing. This is what I’d do with it but don’t have the time right now. This car is perfect for a project although it is good as is.

How about a 1973 Ford F100 Pickup for $1900. Again, no idea how many miles but may not be a bad deal if it’s really in the condition stated.


73 ford f100 360 v8 1/2 ton 2wd white in decent condition barely any rust at all/ minor dents. interior is in awsome condition. no cracked or broken windows No stereo (hasn’t had one the entire time i’ve had the truck, never had money to get a new one) has 2 gas tanks. 22.5 and 19 gallon tanks, and a side tool box built into the truck. Runs well, just replaced starter silanoid, battery, valve cover gaskets,
as well as the transmission pan gasket and filter. had a full tune up on the 25th of april.