Two Men To Be Charged With Starting The Wallow Fire

Arizona’s largest fire, at 538,000 acres, was allegedly started by two experienced campers.

The two had been camping near the Bear Wallow Trailhead that day, and David Malboeuf’s car was spotted about 2 miles from where the fire began, according to the complaint. The trailhead is near the confluence of the north and south forks of Bear Wallow Creek. The Malboeufs both told investigators that they built a campfire on the evening of May 28 and again on the morning of May 29 to cook breakfast before leaving on a hike down the canyon.

“They stated that they believed their campfire was out because David threw a candy wrapper in the fire just prior to their departure and it did not melt,” according to court documents.

But when they were returning to their camp site several hours later, the Malbouefs told investigators they could smell and see smoke from the area.

As someone who camps with camp fires, I will be following this closely.

Wallow Fire Has Burned 500,409 Acres And Is 38% Contained

In Albuquerque, we haven’t had a whole lot of smoke in the last few days. It’s mostly been blowing south of the city. InciWeb says that 32 residences has been destroyed, which is impressive considering this is now the largest fire in Arizona’s history at over 500,000 acres.

The 4000 people fighting this fire deserve far more credit than I can possible give.

Wallow Fire Progression Map June 18