Real ID Compliance Delayed

DHS has extended the compliance deadline for states to meat the Real ID act Crises Delayed.

Release Date: December 18, 2009
For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
Contact: 202-282-8010
“As expected, a large majority of states and territories—46 of 56—have informed DHS that they will not be able to meet the Dec. 31 REAL ID material compliance deadline. As the National Governors Association has said, the states have made tremendous progress in driver’s license security but simply cannot fulfill the requirements of REAL ID. That’s why Secretary Napolitano has supported the efforts of Governors and Congress to enact PASS ID, which puts states on the path to implementing national standards for identification documents and will enhance security across the country.
“In order to ensure that the millions of Americans traveling this holiday season are not disrupted, DHS is extending the Dec. 31 REAL ID material compliance deadline. The May 10, 2011, deadline for full compliance remains in effect, and the Department will continue to work closely with states to meet this deadline. However, Congress must act to address systemic problems with the REAL ID Act to advance our security interests over the long term. DHS is committed to moving forward to implement this key 9/11 Commission recommendation—just last week, the Department announced the availability of $48 million to states for the Drivers License Security Grant Program, to help prevent terrorism, reduce fraud, and improve the reliability and accuracy of personal identification documents.”


The Unexpected Rental Car: 2008 Chevrolet Corvette ZHZ

2008 Corvette ZHZ

Last week I took one of my usual day trips to Portland and lost my drivers license ID. That really sucked. I didn’t have much problem getting through airport security but I wasn’t able to rent a car. Thankfully I was able to get a friend to give me a ride.

My bad luck last week was completely reversed this week when I arrived at PDX (Portland International Airport) and found my name on a 2008 Chevrolet Corvette ZHZ at the Hertz lot (The ZHZ is a special version of the Corvette built just for Hertz). I did not request this car but for some reason they gave it to me at the price of the rental I reserved.

I double checked the rental paperwork in the car and sure enough my name was on it and so was the Corvette. I sat in the car for like 5 minutes just trying to catch my breath. They must have either not had enough cars or upgraded me based on the amount of cars I have rented from them. Or both.

After I completed my business I drove the car up I-5 into Washington. Unfortunately I had mileage limits and only a few hours before I had to be back to the airport. Not that I would ever do anything illegal but I managed not to get a ticket dispite coming across a few highway patrol cars on overpasses. One of them even followed me from a half mile back for a while.

2008 Corvette ZHZ instruments

The Corvette is truly a race car. I have never driven a Corvette or a car in a Corvette’s class before so this was a real treat for a car guy like me who has no resources to do car things. If Hertz did this to encourage me to continue renting cars from them then it worked. I will love you forever Hertz!