Thanks for the Review

Whatdayaknow… The WeblogReview reviewed my website today. I have to pretty much agree with what the reviewer said. Interestingly enough this weekend I sat down trying to figure out what was causing the side columns to overlap the center, it turned out to be a extra “<” next to the letter A that I missed. Took me forever to figure that out. I had also thought along the same lines that the site navigation needed some improvement so I moved things around to address this.

As for the IE thing. I’m not sure what to do. The current version of IE that I have on my PC at works seems to do a pretty decent job except for the javascript errors (which I’m still trying to isolate). I know older versions of IE choke on some of the CSS. Not much I can do about that. It’s definitely not an issue where I’m purposly trying to prevent IE users from viewing the page, I just don’t know what I need to do to make it work as well as it does on Safari. 


Safari 2.1 Screws Up My CSS

I’ve put considerable effort into removing the tables and going pure CSS on this site. Today Apple released Safari 1.2 that really screws up everything. I’ve fixed some of the issues but for some reason Safari doesn’t render the center column. That could be due to my crappy CSS coding or a bug in Safari. Either way it’s obviously broken so I’ve removed the theme switched until I can get at least on style sheet working correctly.

[Update:] OK, Camino, Mozilla and Omniweb all have the same behavior. But IE on windows doesn’t do it. I’m very perplexed. I also discovered that one of my Ads is producing Pop-unders! Say goodbye to everything except ads.

[Update 2:] May not be Apple’s fault completely. I had the “position” of the middle box set for 10 pixels from the bottom. Apparently this means 10 pixels from what ever part of the browser window you can see. 

Major Code Update

[Update:] Yeah, its really screwed up. I’m working on it…

I’ve made some major update to the CSS of the site. Cleaning up the HTML and rearranging the CSS positions primarily. You may also note that I am experimenting with a “theme switcher”. Have to thank Michelle for the inspiration for that. It’s not all set up and working right. So if you try to use it and get unexpected results don’t be surprised. I will be fixing it through the weekend. The only way I could test it was by putting it up live on the site.

I’ve had a website in some form or anther since about 1994. I first signed up on dial up with AMUG. My website located at (web archive). Oddly enough my redirect page is still there. I learned to code my first page by just getting on the net and looking for help on HTML. Since then I have learned a lot about HTML but many years ago I lost interest. Since that time many new technologies have appeared including CSS in which I have had no idea how to code.

So this is an opportunity to get aquatinted with web design and code again.