Santa Ana Star Centers First Hockey Game

IMG_0042.JPGThe New Mexico Scorpions (not those Scorpions) played last night to a sell out crowd of over 6000 at their first game (they say it was sell out but there were plenty of empty seats). I have to say it was pretty cool to be able to go less than 10 minutes away to watch this game. Well, 10 minutes if I had my own private road.

Not surprisingly, Unser road was not complete and not surprisingly, traffic was backed up for some time. City officials were there at the game and seemed pretty proud of the new arena, but they should be ashamed that that Unser road wasn’t completed in time for the event. I doubt many from Albuquerque will be willing to make the trip again with those road conditions. Thankfully I know the back ways through Northern Meadows and North Hills so i was able to avoid the traffic, even though it was like driving through a maze (and a little four wheeling).

As for the event itself, it was a good time. The Scorpions lost to the Arizona Sun Dogs 3 – 1, they looked like they haven’t played together in 18 months. The concession stands also didn’t quite have their act together. I wish they had some local businesses in there like the Isotopes Stadium does. This should all improve over time.


Tax Free Holiday

This weekend marked the first New Mexico tax fee holiday. At first I was excited about the prospects, however the limitations will not be of much help for me. It’s designed to help the back to school shopper with a $100 limit on individual clothing items and $1000 limitation on a computer and only back to school type items.

Any computer I purchase will cost well over a $1000, so I can pretty much forget about that. However all the clothing stores were further adding to the savings by having sales so I went out on friday, the first day of the holiday, and purchased some clothing, figuring that Friday would be less busy than Saturday or Sunday, I went out on lunch time only to be surprised to find quite a crowd. I hate shopping with crowds so it’s better that I did try Friday because the malls were packed over the weekend.

I didn’t save that much from the lack of sales taxes. New Mexico’s tax rate is only about 6% and I only spent about $100 on clothes. Where I did save significant money was on the sales themselves and I don’t think there would have been as many of them all at once if it wasn’t for the holiday. I figure I saved about $200. Those people with kids who have to spend hundreds of dollars of clothes and school supplies will really make out. I also heard that retailers are saying that it’s been as good as Christmas.