Council Votes No Confidence In Mayor Jackson, Makes Way For Councilor Palpatine

The Rio Rancho City Council unanimously voted no confidence in Mayor Kevin Jackson. The Mayor position is apparently more of a figure head and the council cannot force him out. They would have to take him to court to get him out, which doesn’t seem likely.

He wasn’t in town for the vote, he was in Taos for a conference and lost his cell phone. How convenient. Every one seems to think he has no choice but to resign.


Northern Blvd Through Corrales

The Rio Rancho City Council has voted to extend Northern Blvd into Corrales. I don’t get how this works exactly, how does Rio Rancho decided if a road is built in another city (town, whatever Corrales is).

I also don’t get how the road will be extended. Check out the end of Northern Blvd as it butts up against Corrales now, I guess there’s some room there somewhere. I do like the concept of having a major road go all the way through, instead of the weird set up we have now. It shouldn’t increase traffic to Corrales, that’s going to happen whether the road is extended or not. Extending the road should improve the traffic flow for when the traffic does increase.

Finally, I think Councilor Mike Williams is on the right track for voting against it. Why doesn’t the city worry about the other road projects that they haven’t completed yet, before doing this one.

“I’d be in support of D-93 if at any point in time I had something in writing from, first of all from the state of New Mexico highway department stating that 528 was going to be done before Northern Boulevard was going to be opened up, also that the City of Rio Rancho commits that Northern Boulevard is four to five lanes all the way to Unser just so it can handle the traffic,” Williams said. “I have no problem opening this leg, but this is not the time, and until we have that etched in stone with 528 and Northern Boulevard, I have no choice but to vote against it.”