Albuquerque Cops Working In Bikini Tops

Local Albuquerque news station KRQE reports that two off duty female APD officers pulled over a man in bikini tops.

“(They wore) very superficial clothes,” Spilca said. “Like a shirt unbuttoned to here and very short pants.”

In addition to the bikini tops, which were visible underneath the two officers’ unbuttoned shirts, Jara and Kelly had pistols tucked into their short shorts, he said. Besides the guns, the only other thing that identified them as police officers were badges pinned to their shorts, Spilca said, adding that it wasn’t obvious that the women were cops.

The man who was pulled over, Ilie Spilca, has apparently filed a citizen complaint with the APD. I just don’t understand why. When I’m pulled over by female APD officers I would much rather they be in Bikini’s. Or be wearing those tear off uniforms, take out a boom box and start dancing.

Sadly the included TV news report does not include photos of the officers in bikinis.

Moonlight Over Spruce Hole

Moonlight over Spruce Hole, originally uploaded by gregjsmith.

I completed my third yurt trip and it was by far the best. The basic concept here is that we cross country ski to a Yurt and spend a few days away from the world. The Spruce Hole yurt is nice because it has bedding and is fairly large. The yurt itself is located in Colorado just across the boarder from Chama, NM. All we really need to carry is food, drink, clothes and personal hygiene items. There were four other people besides my self on this trip and we stayed for three nights.

This is usually the only cross country skiing I do, I’m mostly a down hill guy. Plus I’m not in any great shape and I therefore tend to be the slow one of the group. Caring a 30 to 40 pound pack doesn’t help. The first several hundred yards of the trail are all up hill. It is grueling work getting there but worth it once we finally arrive.

This particular trip was planned around the full moon. The highlight was our moonlight ski in the nearby Spruce Hole meadow. The moon was incredibly bright and blue. It was an incredible experience that I can’t begin to describe with my pathetic words and pictures. Speaking of which, taking pictures in moonlight requires a tripod which I didn’t have. Yet I managed to take a few decent pictures. You can find all the pictures I took on my Flickr set. They are all geotagged so you can view them on a map.

Riding My Bike To Work

A while back I suggested that I would start riding my bike to work. At the time it didn’t work out because I have to be in the factory at 7 am 5 days a week. I have a hard enough time getting up in time to drive to work let alone getting up early to ride to work. A few weeks ago I started back on a compressed work week schedule which means I work Sundays. Since I didn’t need to be in at exactly 7 am, I got a chance to try out biking.

I was able to find a path that almost completely avoids main roads. Rio Rancho (and Albuquerque) and not on the top of the list of bike friendly cities. Many of the roads don’t have sidewalks let alone bike paths. Those that have sidewalks only have them on one side of the street.

The 5.3 mile ride into work takes me about 25 minutes and it’s all down hill. This means less effort on my part and less sweating and I can avoid the shower and change of clothes. The ride home is much tougher and takes me 45 minutes. I learned the hard way that non cotton clothing is the way to go. Getting the sweat off my body is absolutely imperative if I don’t want to collapse on the way home.

This week my truck broke down (started overheating, it was the thermostat) and I had to ride my bike in 3 of the 4 days of my shift. I learned that I can get up in time to be in at 7 am. Even though my truck is supposedly fixed, I will try to ride my bike in again next week. I expect to save money of fuel but will I loose some of this fat off my body?

Im Starting To HATE Nature

I was trying to sleep in on my day off this morning only to be awaken about 10am. The noise sounded like someone was pounding on the side of my house with a hammer, WTF? After listening to it for about a minute I started to think, no, it can’t be. It can’t be what I think it is, can it?

I manage to get some clothes and shoes on. I walk out to the back yard and there are a shitload of birds all over the place. And what do I find attached to the side of my house? A wood pecker. It’s removed a large swatch of stucko from the side of my house, just under a window.

I guess it was time to get up anyways.

Update: Apparently it isn’t uncommon to have woodpeckers attack buildings in New Mexico. I found this PDF from NMSU on how to control them.

Tax Free Holiday

This weekend marked the first New Mexico tax fee holiday. At first I was excited about the prospects, however the limitations will not be of much help for me. It’s designed to help the back to school shopper with a $100 limit on individual clothing items and $1000 limitation on a computer and only back to school type items.

Any computer I purchase will cost well over a $1000, so I can pretty much forget about that. However all the clothing stores were further adding to the savings by having sales so I went out on friday, the first day of the holiday, and purchased some clothing, figuring that Friday would be less busy than Saturday or Sunday, I went out on lunch time only to be surprised to find quite a crowd. I hate shopping with crowds so it’s better that I did try Friday because the malls were packed over the weekend.

I didn’t save that much from the lack of sales taxes. New Mexico’s tax rate is only about 6% and I only spent about $100 on clothes. Where I did save significant money was on the sales themselves and I don’t think there would have been as many of them all at once if it wasn’t for the holiday. I figure I saved about $200. Those people with kids who have to spend hundreds of dollars of clothes and school supplies will really make out. I also heard that retailers are saying that it’s been as good as Christmas.