Standing In Line In Rio Rancho

Rio Rancho Police by Rescuenav, on Flickr
Rio Rancho Police by Rescuenav, on Flickr

On the City of Rio Rancho’s page about “Kamp Out for Kamp Rio” there is about 10 paragraphs on how to stand in line. This is so people can sign up for Rio Rancho’s apparently popular “Kamp Rio 2013” summer day camp for kids.

“Standing In Line” Rules and Etiquette

The Parks & Recreation Department staff makes every attempt to ensure that the registration for summer camp is a fair process for everyone. The summer camp line is nothing unique. Throughout life, we are all subject to “standing in lines”: Black Friday shopping, theme parks, concerts, at the grocery store, etc. As with every aspect of life, there is a protocol that should be followed.

Stay In Line At All Times. Anyone who has claimed a spot in the registration line is required to stay in line with the exception of short restroom breaks. If an individual, who has claimed a spot in the registration line, needs to leave for any reason that person needs to be replaced temporarily by a family member or friend until the person returns.

A Tent Or Chair Does Not Hold Your Place In Line. An individual will not be allowed to place a chair or tent to claim their spot in the registration line. Do not leave for work/school/home/shopping/restaurants or anything else until your registration has been accepted by Parks & Recreation staff or your tent and chairs will be removed by city staff.

Do Not Reserve Or Hold Spots For Others. Think how annoyed you would be after hours of waiting, suddenly and out of nowhere, five friends join the person in front of you making your wait even longer?

Be Patient – Everyone in line is in the same situation. Don’t be come irritated with others in line or with the Parks & Recreation staff.

Restroom Break – If you leave the line for any amount of time longer than short restroom breaks, you cannot expect to come back and take up your old place.

Respect Personal Space Of Others – While there is no need to stand body-to-body in the line, there is also no need to extend your tent/bbq grill/chairs/picnic-tables, etc. amongst a large space. Doing so will only irritate people and heighten tensions.

No Smoking In Line! If you are a smoker, now is not the time to light up – save that until you get home.

No Line Jumping – Quite simply – don’t!

“Standing in line” has universally understood rules and etiquette, but there are still those who break the rules mentioned above. With that said, the above rules apply and everyone’s cooperation and attention to this matter is sincerely appreciated.

Wrong Items Donated To Rio Rancho Goodwill

From the Rio Rancho Observer “Bullets, pipe donated to Goodwill

Someone donated bullets and a duffle bag holding smoking paraphernalia to Goodwill last week.
According to a Rio Rancho Police report, an officer went to Goodwill at Southern and Unser about 10:45 a.m. Feb. 12 after employees sorting through anonymous donations found a glass pipe in a black Adidas bag and various calibers of ammunition in other property. There were 50 .22-caliber rounds, three 12-gauge shotgun rounds, a .410-shotgun round and what appeared to be one .22-caliber rifle round.
The items were entered into evidence at RRPD.
About 3 p.m. the same day, the officer went back to Goodwill after dispatch was told a man claiming to own the Adidas bag was at the store. The man told the officer he’d just gotten out of the hospital and a friend told him his property had been dropped off at the store.
The store manager said there was no way to verify who left the bag in the donation trailer, and the officer couldn’t charge the man claiming to own the bag because he couldn’t verify the owner of the pipe, according to the release.

Where Is The Village At Rio Rancho?

The Village at Rio Rancho goes here someday
The Village at Rio Rancho goes here someday

According to a Albuquerque Business First Article “Unser corridor bursting with retail, office activity” the Village at Rio Rancho was support to start “This Summer”. Since the article was written in May 2012 that would make it last summer. Currently all we have is a lot of cleared desert that will turn into atmospheric dust come this spring. The City of Rio Rancho only mentions this special tax deal from 2009.

Meanwhile down the road in Albuquerque “Construction starts on new Westside ABQ plaza“.

Rio Rancho Police Save A Coyote

Coyote seen on the way to work

Photo is not of the actual coyote

A great story from the Rio Rancho Observer “Officers rescue entangled coyote for resident“.

The coyote was thrashing against the fence, and the wire was cutting into its leg. Marshall said officers are authorized to shoot animals if they need to, but she didn’t want to do the paperwork for discharging a firearm or decide whether the coyote lived or died.
“I just figured I had to try something,” she said.
Valdez found a metal pole; he and Marshall climbed over a low cinderblock fence and up an icy stone retaining wall to the coyote.
“They didn’t even bat an eyelash,” LoGuercio said.
Valdez used the pole to keep the coyote’s head down so it couldn’t bite as Marshall worked the wire free from its leg.
“I was surprised,” Marshall said. “It didn’t growl at us, nothing.”
Before long, the coyote was free and ran onto the mesa like it wasn’t injured, she said.

Didn’t want to do the paperwork? Right.

CD Piracy In Rio Rancho

From KOB “Large scale CD piracy operation suspected in Rio Rancho“:

Rio Rancho Police arrested Wands on Dec. 19, in what they call a large scale CD piracy operation.

Police suspect Wands copied CDs and then sold the music at area flea markets.

According to a criminal complaint Wands sold undercover investigators 4,000 bootleg CDs for $1,300.

He got a warning from the RIAA he was being investigated and he didn’t know it was illegal.

Don't Hit A Cow In Rio Rancho


There are too many issues with cows in northern Rio Rancho. It surprises me that the owners of the cows aren’t more concerned with where the cows are. If they don’t care about potential car accidents with someone being harmed or killed, I would expect they would be concerned about what is their lively hood. I’m afraid that someone will die before something is done about it.

This letter to the editor of the Rio Rancho observer “If you hit a cow, make sure you have NMLB phone number to verify owners” documents one persons attempt to hold someone accountable.

I want to share the following information with my fellow Rio Rancho residents. On Sept. 20, 2010, about 8 p.m., I slammed into a cow on Unser Boulevard near Progress Road.
In 2010, there were 10 accidents involving cows and, luckily, none of us was killed. I’ve spent the last 2 years working to hold someone accountable, including the City of Rio Rancho, to keep residents safe, but to no avail.
Also, I’ve also done lots of research to help us. I contacted the New Mexico Livestock Board (NMLB) after my incident and gave the NMLB administrator the cow’s ear tag number that the Rio Rancho police officer retrieved after my incident; the administrator told me it was a King Ranch cow and that the “family should be sued for negligence.”
I took the King Ranch brothers to court but the administrator testified that she never told me it was a King Ranch cow and that the cow’s ear tag is not the identifier. The case was dismissed on Sept. 20, 2012 with still no one held accountable.
If you or someone you know has an incident involving a cow, ask the officers to contact the NMLB at 841-6161 to identify the cow by its brand; the NMLB is the only entity that can identify cattle. Also, Rio Rancho is a “fence out” area meaning that cattle owners have the responsibility to keep their cattle fenced out of our highways.
We only have ourselves to help with the cow situations; let’s keep passing valuable information to each other.

Kick Me Sign Get's Police Involved At Intel

From the KRQE story “Workplace prank no kicks for co-worker

“This is definably a strange one,” Sgt. Nick Onken with Rio Rancho police said.

Onken said a man in his 40s filed a police report this week saying he had enough from his pranky co-workers at the plant in Rio Rancho.

“He stated that he is to the point with this tomfoolery that he doesn’t feel safe any longer in his work environment,” Onken said.

And the tomfoolery that pushed the man over the edge was a sign taped to his back that read “Kick me.”