Local Camerman Gets Arrested

Albuquerque only seems to get national attention when something bad happens. This time the local NBC affiliate KOB channel 4 had a cameraman who was arrested by a police. The “raw video” shows the cop gets into a scuffle with the cameraman while the cop tries to arrest the cameraman.

There’s something missing from this video, like what lead up to this indicent. KOB’s story only says:

The photographer says he was asked to leave the scene and go to a media staging area. However, he says officers did not tell him where that area was located.

I bet there’s more to it than that. The cops probably told the cameraman mutiple times what to do any he probably continued to mouth off to them and ignore their instruction. I’ve never heard of this sort of thing happening in Albuquerque before and I doubt the police officer just walked up to him decided to arrest him becasue he asked for his badge number.

My opinion of KOB is they like to sensationalize the news and this seems to be leading in this direction.

Update 6/12/08: Guess the cops did make a mistake.

The Chief of Police Ray Schultz has viewed a videotape of the confrontation and concluded that several mistakes were made during the confrontation.

Update 7/2/08: The charges against the photographer has been dropped.

A judge has thrown out the charges against an Eyewitness News 4 photographer accused of disobeying a police officer at a crime scene.
The officer is now on paid leave, and is scheduled to have a disciplinary hearing next week.

Update 9/13/08: The officer has been fired.

New Mexico Produced Rain Barrells On Today Show

Lisa Ayres, founder of Arid Solutions Inc., has been asked by Joe Lamp’l, host of “Fresh From the Garden” on the DIY Network to send some of her rain barrels to the set of the weekend edition of the Today Show for a segment he is doing on eco-friendly gardening. The segment is slated to run nationally on July 8. Programming information for the local NBC television affiliate, KOB-TV, Channel 4, indicates the broadcast of the Today Show in KOB’s New Mexico markets might be pre-empted by coverage of the Wimbledon tennis tournament.


Talking Urinal Cakes Stolen

I would have never imagined creating this sentence. Turtle Mountain Brewery company has had it’s anti-drunk driving talking urinal cakes stolen. If you do a search for “talking Urinal Cakes” you will learn how the Rio Rancho based Turtle Mountain is the first to get them in New Mexico.

I saw the report on channel 4, I will update with a link once they decide to put it up.

Update 2/20/07 10:22PM] Here’s a AP article.

At the Turtle Mountain, the urinal cakes have proved so intriguing that three have been swiped already. “I’m mystified why someone would stick their hand into one of our urinals,” Ortiz said. “But I’m sure we’ll see them on eBay. Hopefully, the seller will advertise it as, `Stolen from Turtle Mountain.'”

What Happnened To Jessica Kartalija?

Jessica was the local, hot, news reporter on channel 2 and channel 4 here in Albuquerque. She’s in Baltimore now. Looks like she’s going to be in the transformer’s movie too!

Jessica Kartalija joined the WJZ 13 Eyewitness News team during the summer of 2006 as general assignment reporter, and weekend morning news anchor with Tim Williams.