Electromagnetic Sensitivity In Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe is the capital city of New Mexico but it’s not nearly as populated as Albuquerque and is known for being artsy and for electromagentic sensitive people.

A Santa Fe man who says he suffers from electromagnetic sensitivity is suing his next-door neighbor for refusing to turn off her cell phone and other electronic devices.

Arthur Firstenberg, who has actively opposed the proliferation of wireless systems in public buildings, claims he has been made homeless by Raphaela Monribot’s rejection of his requests.

New Mexico is the right place to live to get away from all electromagntic signals. The Very Large Array in Socorro, New Mexico is in a signal free zone. One does not have to go far into the desert to get away signals but living anywhere near or in a city is a bad idea.


Why I Hate People And Order Everything On The Internet

After writing my post on the “How To Eat Chicken Wings Video”, I got a craving for some chicken wings. I called-in an order at the nearest Wing Basket and drove down to Albuquerque to get them.

When I pulled up to the place I could see a car sitting in front with it’s lights on and people inside. It took me a few minutes to get parked and out of the car. As I got out, the passenger of the other car got out and hurried to the door. We both seemed to race to the door but I did stop to open the door for the other person. She ignored me as I opened the door, not even a thank you, probably because she was too busy talking on her cell phone.

She was now first in line and both the cashier and myself were getting annoyed as she kept asking the same questions since she didn’t pay attention to the answers the first time because she was too busy talking on her phone. Since I was the only other person in the place it because pretty clear their one call-in order was for me. They only had one cashier so they could only do one order at a time.

Eventually she made her order. It was the smallest least complicated thing on the menu and it only took her 10 minutes. I’m not sure if she was consulting with the person on her cell phone or made this choice all on her own. Once she got out of line, she seemed oblivious that there was someone waiting in line behind her.

My Wings were delicious once I got home to eat them. The point of this story is to explain why I hate people and try to order everything on the internet.

APD And Fake George Bush

Someone called the Albuquerque Journal to report George Bush being escorted by the APD (with blurry cell phone picture) at the Sunport.

We contacted Police Chief Ray Schultz who acted suprised that we knew. He kept saying it was a matter of national security and he couldn’t talk about it. Well, after some hard questioning that would make Katie Couric proud, Schultz admitted that his officers did escort someone who looked like George W. Bush through the sunport.

Natonal Security? You would think the Secret Service would be involved and not the local police.

I'm In A Cell Phone Signal Black Hole

AT& T Coverage Map

Well, I’m close to being in a black hole. I checked out AT&T’s coverage map for my house (which I blurred to protect my privacy) and you can see that just around my house, the signal strength is “moderate”. Which to me means almost none since moderate is the highest level just above No Coverage. I can’t even get my K750i to roam on Cingular/AT&T’s network.

Even T-Mobile’s coverage map shows less than optimal coverage at my house.

Boo Who. No iPhone for me till this is better. At least I have Transformers to look forward to.

Council Votes No Confidence In Mayor Jackson, Makes Way For Councilor Palpatine

The Rio Rancho City Council unanimously voted no confidence in Mayor Kevin Jackson. The Mayor position is apparently more of a figure head and the council cannot force him out. They would have to take him to court to get him out, which doesn’t seem likely.

He wasn’t in town for the vote, he was in Taos for a conference and lost his cell phone. How convenient. Every one seems to think he has no choice but to resign.

Incredible Pet Tricks

First off this dog is weird just because it’s hairless. A friend of mine picked it up from the animal clinic a few days ago, the owner was going to have it put to sleep, so they rescued it. This one had skin issues probably because it wasn’t allowed in the sun, it’s skin didn’t develop any natural resistance.

It has a very strange habit of turning its head over and upside down resting it on it’s back. It seems pretty comfortable doing while doing it even started to doze off. I took this photo with my cell phone so it’s pretty crappy, I’ll try to get a better one next time I’m over there.