Suicidal Couple Tried To Kill Police Too

From the Yuma Sun, “Dome Valley shooting and house explosion was plan to kill or injure sheriff deputies

“The motive behind their plan is not known, but it was clear they fully intended to murder as many deputies as possible prior to taking their own lives,” Bratcher said. “These people absolutely had a plan, and I think they wanted to die and make as big of a scene as they could possibly make.”

The Pima County Medical Examiner’s Office, which performed a forensic autopsy on the remains, has positively identified the couple as Jesse Lee Firestone, 65, and his wife Diedre Firestone, 45. The cause of death was listed as suicide from intentional blast and from thermal injuries.

Chandler Heart Attack Grill Spokesman Dies

From my home town of Chandler, Az. This story will probably make headlines due to the assumed irony. However it does not appear his death had anything to do with a heart attack.

River, who stood 6-foot-8 and weighed about 575 pounds, gained a measure of fame in the past year as spokesman for the Heart Attack Grill, a west Chandler restaurant that specializes in thick hamburgers and fries. He died on Tuesday at the age of 29.

The cause of death is currently unknown, but friends are speculating that it was the result of his contracting pneumonia after a bout with the flu.

Chamisa Hills Golf Course Finds Botulism Killing Ducks

Botulism is being blamed for the death of birds and other wildlife at the Chamisa Hills Golf Course in Rio Rancho.Rio Rancho spokesman Peter Wells says dead birds submitted for testing showed botulism as the cause of death. The birds lived near a pond on the course. Residents are urged not to touch or move any hurt or dead birds from the area to prevent the disease from spreading. Factors that can cause botulism are warm water temperatures, high nutrient content in the pond, anaerobic conditions and rain fall that stirs up the bottom of the pond.

This is suspicious because the same golf course was found to be killing ducks using a poison earlier this year.