Cat And Person Survive Lost Over 3 Weeks In New Mexico Forest

Apparently I am not the only one who has considered taking their cat camping with them.

Temperatures dropped below freezing almost every night, but somehow, some way, Margaret Page and her cat survived 3½ weeks in an isolated and rugged region of a southwestern New Mexico national forest.

Tucked away in a blue sleeping bag for warmth and set up near a creek for drinking water, Page and her cat named Miya lived on just a handful of supplies, rescue workers said Friday. The nearest town – tiny Dusty, N.M. – was 10 miles away.

Authorities said the 41-year-old Page, who has a history of mental illness, was found Wednesday emaciated and malnourished but well-hydrated.

“Her cat was in better shape than she was,” New Mexico State Police Search and Rescue incident commander Marc Levesque said. “Her cat was also hunting. (Page) ran out of food a while back.”

Two Men To Be Charged With Starting The Wallow Fire

Arizona’s largest fire, at 538,000 acres, was allegedly started by two experienced campers.

The two had been camping near the Bear Wallow Trailhead that day, and David Malboeuf’s car was spotted about 2 miles from where the fire began, according to the complaint. The trailhead is near the confluence of the north and south forks of Bear Wallow Creek. The Malboeufs both told investigators that they built a campfire on the evening of May 28 and again on the morning of May 29 to cook breakfast before leaving on a hike down the canyon.

“They stated that they believed their campfire was out because David threw a candy wrapper in the fire just prior to their departure and it did not melt,” according to court documents.

But when they were returning to their camp site several hours later, the Malbouefs told investigators they could smell and see smoke from the area.

As someone who camps with camp fires, I will be following this closely.

Elizabeth Lambert Suspended

New Mexico is in the news with video of a University of New Mexico woman’s soccer player beating the shit out of BYU players. The video of Elizabeth Lambert has been making it’s way across the web and although KOB says all of the video of Elizabeth Lambert has been removed from YouTube, I found a video from the Associated Press which shows some of the incidents.

The Lobo’s website has a profile page up for Elizabeth Lambert which states:


Born Elizabeth Ann Lambert on December 29, 1988 … enjoys camping and surfing in her spare time … favorite food is tacos … is majoring in University Studies with a focus on Occupational Therapy

There’s a Occupational Therapy joke in there somewhere. What the profile fails to mention is that she was indefinitely suspended from UNM soccer. Although her official statement was that she was sorry (I hope so), I really wonder what her deal is. I hope she tells more about why she was so rough.