Serious Eats Reviews Blake's Lottaburger

From Serious Eat’s A Hamburger Today review of Blake’s Lottaburger.

But the green chiles are the real draw, of course. Each chile chunk was warm and juicily popped open, hot and sturdy, under the teeth. And whereas many fast-food chains tone down their “spicy” creations for a mass market, these were the spiciest thing I’ve ever tasted on a fast food burger. Without the green chile, the burger is still better than McDonald’s and Burger King, but the green chili really makes it a star. The Green Chile Lotaburger comes with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, and mustard. None of the other toppings are spectacular, not that it matters much since you can barely anything beyond the green chile.

I’ve lived in New Mexico for 15 years and I have yet to eat at Blakes. I probably wouldn’t like the spicy green chile anyway.


Drive Through Fail

Drive Through Fail (in Rio Rancho, NM)“. Saw this person ordering at the speaker box in the drive through at Burger King when I pulled up to the Namaste Cuisine of India and Nepal restaurant right across the street. That was a better picture and it looked like the manager had come to talk the person.

Drive through fail

Follow Up On The Burgers Laced With Pot

Last October, New Mexico made the news when officers in Los Lunas received burgers from Burger King laced with Pot. The employee that did it blames the manager

“The manager had told me to put weed on the burgers,” said Robert Nuckols. “He didn’t tell me who it was for, didn’t bother telling me at all. His friends were there that night helping us clean.”

So… that makes it OK?

Revenue Generating Traffic Trap

It looks like the City of Rio Rancho is resorting to traffic enforcement dirty tricks to generate revenue. Just south of Southern Blvd, on NM 528 there is a left turn lane, it will take you onto Peggy Rd and give you access to local businesses like McDonalds and Burger King.

There is a posted sign indicated that you are not to turn during the hours of 4 to 6pm, rush hour traffic time. This seems reasonable considering that NM 528 is pretty packed during rush hours. What happens if you didn’t see the sign? There’s nothing there to physically keep you from turing into this lane. What happens is you will likely be greeted by the Rio Rancho Police on Peggy Road, waiting to hand you a ticket.

The reason I consider this a dirty trick: if they were really interested in traffic enforcement and preventing people from turing here they would sit at the turn lane, keeping cars from turing. They are instead waiting for cars to turn and issuing tickets. I don’t know about every case but the cases I do know of there were no warning issued. Somebody prove me wrong.