Albuquerque Craigslist: 1965 Ford Galaxie LTD, 1965 Ford Galaxie 500, 1966 Ford Mustang & 1992 Buick Rivera

Today’s look at Albuquerque Craigslist cars and truck ads finds all red vintage fords. Almost.

A beautiful red 1965 Ford Galaxie LTD with white interior for $3650. A good price if it runs wells.


Has good running 390 4V (factory 4V car) auto. Solid body. Has Power steering and is a AC car, Looks like all the AC stuff is their but the belt was removed from the AC compressor, so I am guessing it either needs Freon or mybe new seals in the compressor. I dont know I bought it just like it sits. Did have current plates on it when I bought it, it was being driven. Good Interior. Dual Exhaust and 9 inch rear end. Good deal for only $3650.00 , Has good NM title.

A 1965 Ford Galaxie 500 that looks to be in good shape for a nearly 45 year old vehicle. For $5000 is better run.


1965 Ford Galaxie 500. 2 door hardtop. 289 with two bbl carb newly rebuilt. Runs great starts right up and is an attention getter. Orange and white paint with Orange and white interior. Calling will be a better way to get a hold of me.

A 1966 Ford Mustang with low miles and in good shape for $2500. I have to wonder why it has a salvage title.


1966 Mustang – SALVAGE Title.$2500.00, Low mileage since engine and transmission were rebuilt 6 years ago. 200cc straight 6 engine, Automatic Transmission. My sons lost interest earlier after stripping paint off of trunk and side as you can see. Small dent on passenger door and front right light shroud damaged. No rust that I could see.

While this could have been a all red Ford craiglist round up, I couldn’t resist this next car. A 1992 Buick Rivera (Rivvy on D’s?) with a gold chain steering wheel and champaign bucket for $2950. Good luck explaining that to APD.



1960's Buick Wildcat

<p align="center"Buick Wildcat

I caught this red Buick Wildcat near Corrales Road in Albuquerque this morning. It appears to be early 1960’s but I can’t be sure of the year.

This one looks to be in good shape and has something like 1000 square feet of trunk space.

Another Buick For Sale On My Street

Buick for sale

Another 1950-ish’s Buick is for sale down the street from my house. Not sure of the exact year of this one, I’m guessing 1955 based on the tail fins. Compared to the other one, this one looks like it’s less original. It’s cheaper though.

I sure dig those air ports on the side.

1957 Buick Super For Sale

1957 Buick Super For Sale by gregjsmith, on Flickr
1957 Buick Super For Sale by gregjsmith, on Flickr

Down the street from my house is a 1957 Buick Super for sale. According to the sign it only has 87K miles on it and they are asking $5750. I have no idea how well it drives but body and interior did appear to be in good condition for a 51 year old car. Not a bad price for a vehicle that runs let alone one this old.

I would totally buy a car like this if I had the money and place to put it and didn’t already have a project car (that I haven’t worked on in years).