Spiders. Spiders. SPIDERS!

Wolf SpiderUnknown Spider 2

I know when It’s spring time when the spiders start showing up in the house. In the last week I’ve been vacuuming up cellar spiders. Cellar spiders are harmless, but they make a huge mess with their web.

Tonight the big guns started showing up. First one was a good sized, about silver dollar sized, wolf spider. This guy saw me coming but I was able to track him down with my vacuum. Right after I got that guy I went back down the hallway and saw this good sized black spider right where I was. Where the heck did this guy come from? What kind of spider is it? I have no idea but it got vacuumed up too.

I wouldn’t say I’m afraid of spiders but as I’ve got little tolerance for them or bugs in general since I’ve moved into this house. I know they are harmless to people and they are good for the environment by eating other bugs but I don’t like them scurrying around my house. With the scorpions and the spiders, I may just have to get out some insecticide.

Rapid Weaver Continues To Piss… Me.. Off…

Rapid Weaver 3.6 has some great features. Enough to make me switch. I soon found out it had so bugs, specifically it would publish the enitre site instead of just the changes, even when I select “publish changes.” 3.6.1 & 3.6.2 were suppose to address this, I think. For me no dice. 3.6.2 was worse, it would crash while trying to publish anything.

Rapid Weaver 3.6.3 Beta seemed to finally fix both of these issues. I used it for a while and now it started crashing again. What the hell

I submitted bug reports and I hope they help, but I’ve had to switch back to 3.6.0.


Scorpion Update

Scorpion #4I guess I don’t have a infestation. After my last post I went to the nearest Home Depot and found some Glue Traps. They are a platform with a ultra sticky substance that’s suppose to attract scorpions, spiders and other bugs. I’d prefer to stay away from the nuclear option of spraying the place if possible. Besides, scorpion’s are difficult to kill with standard pesticides anyhow.

Since putting them down I haven’t seen as single scorpion, which surprised me. Until a few days ago, I found a small one in the glue trap. I’m not sure where they are coming from but It’s pretty clear they are coming from the north end of the house. They could be coming up from around the heater ducts in the floor or possibly from the master bathroom where the roots were coming up, i haven’t finished demolishing that yet.

In either case I’ve learned to live with the fact that they are there. In fact, they are a excellent predator and will eat centipedes, another nasty insect that people find in their homes in New Mexico. So what would I rather have, scorpion’s or centipedes? Scorpion’s turn out to be the lesser of two evils.

When Does It Become A Infestation?

Scorpion #4

A few nights ago I found scorpion number 4. After vacuuming him up I quickly found scorpion number 5. I’ve seen 5 more scorpions in the last month than I have seen in my life, and I’ve lived in Arizona and New Mexico all my life.

I hope this is just a natural reaction to the rain we have had. I put down some glue traps a few days ago and so far no hits. I also haven’t seen any bugs, except for a few crickets, in a few days.

Welcome To FTHOI 2.0

Welcome to For The H*ll Of It 2.0, now powered by Blosxom. I’m not here to bash iBlog, my previous blogging app, it’s been a good system and I paid the full shareware fee for it. But I’ve been disappointed with the slow pace of development and lack of fixes for even the smallest bugs. After studying different system, weighing the pros and cons, I decided to abandon iBlog for a more customizable solution. Blosxom also gives me some features that I really like.

Blosxom has no database to keep track of entries. The file system is the database, so to speak. Entries get filed as text files and saved in folders. Blosxom then generates the site categories based on the folder structures, this means subcategories are easy to make. It’s easy to manage this way and there’s no secret to where your entries are. It’s also very easy to move to another computer if necessary.

Running Blosxom on my local computer is easy. Once I have the single perl script installed in my webserver directory on my local computer (and have personal web serving turned on) I simply access it via this URL: http://localhost/cgi-bin/blosxom.cgi. .mac doesn’t allow the use of cgi scripts, this is where the killer feature of Blosxom comes in; it can generate static web pages. By using a proper command in the terminal, I can tell Blosxom to make a static version of the site where ever I want, in this case I have it generate the site on my iDisk.

I will be importing my iBlog entries over and writing more about this and how I did it in the coming weeks. Until then they are still in their old directory structure. (you can fine the old home page here)

Update 05/17/05 8:05PM: Still playing around with Blosxom/MarsEdit and how it saves entries. This one may move around as I figure out how date/time stamps work.

Safari Bugs

There appears to be a bug in Safari that cause the heading titles of the various entries to position themselves, well, not in the right place. I have found that if I refresh the page they will be where they are suppose to be on the reload. If you see this strange behavior and your running Safari please press the the little bug button and send a bug report to Apple. Be sure to check the “screen capture” option so they can see what the problem is. Camino seems to do really strange things too but just scrolling past and back to the strange rendering will usually fix it.

[Update:] Ah ha, I think I know what’s going on. Seems that Safari will sometimes load the page without the images first. Then when it loads the images it adjusts all the elements on the page except for the heading portion. I think that when you reload the page the images are already in the cache so it doesn’t have to load them and can render the page appropriately.

We Could Use The Summer Monsoons Already

Most people may not expect this, but Albuquerque has a very wet summer most of the time. The summer monsoons usually bring in a lot of rain especially during June and July. We can get near half our rain for the year this way. But this year is different. Instead we are treated to temperatures in the high 90’s. Although not unusual to get temperatures this high, its unusual to get them this high for this many days. They say a ridge of high pressure is keeping the summer monsoons away from New Mexico and it may let up next week.

I blame the lack of rain (partially) on my issues getting the grass growing and for all the bugs that have invaded our house. We have ants, beetles and all kinds bugs that we usually don’t see in the house.

We have been pretty lucky not to have a lot of water restrictions imposed on us, but if the rain doesn’t come soon next spring is going to be unpleasant.