The Village At Rio Rancho Will Be Here Some Day

The Village At Rio Rancho, a Albuquerque Uptown style outdoor shopping center, is still coming soon. According to the Rio Rancho Observer the city planning and zoning was to approve the plan on January 24th (and they did) which would allow the developer to start work on the Cinemark movie theater.

Building a new movie theater so close to the recently built Premiere Cinemas is a mistake according to me. I’m more interested in having the rest of the complex built where I predict there will be an Apple Store.


Apple Store In Rio Rancho at "The Village"?

The City of Rio Rancho approved a Tax Increment Development District (TIDD) for a shopping mall called The Village at Rio Rancho. The outdoor shopping mall would be located near the recently built Cabezon subdivision where they are building the Presbyterian Rio Rancho Medical Center. The shopping mall is described by Flickr user sebypires as “similar in concept to the ABQ Uptown Center in the uptown district in the Mid Northeast heights area of Albuquerque”

ABQ Uptown is the location of the sole Apple Store in the Albuquerque area and if The Village is similar in design, I speculate that this is where Apple would build a store. There needs to be an Apple Store on the west side of Albuquerque (for those of us that frequent them) and as a citizen of Rio Rancho, having it actually in Rio Rancho is even better.

Like most projects planned for the city, I am skeptical. This project is planned to start the summer of 2010 so I will soon see.

ABQ Uptown Doing Well

A article notes that the stores in ABQ Uptown are doing extremely well, some of the top sellers in the nation. ABQ Uptown is the fancy-pants outdoor mall which has fancy-pants upscale stores. You know it’s fancy-pants because it’s got an Apple Store, which only builds in fancy-pants malls.

Speaking of the Apple Store they mention that they did $38,000 in sales in the first hours. I don’t know if that’s good for a Apple Store but it’s sure a lot of computers. I couldn’t be there for it’s first hour, which really sucks, but others did and it was a typical opening with people lining up around the corner.

Albuquerque Apple Store Revealed!

Do I file this under “Apple Computer” or “Albuquerque”? Whatever. It’s coming, the Albuquerque Apple Store is coming! Cult Of Mac has revealed it’s exact location in the Uptown Albuquerue shopping center next to the withering Winrock.

Like a true Mac nerd, I plan to be there for it’s opening.