Vanilla Therapy

Apartment Therapy LA had this interesting tidbit about Vanilla extract.

Vanilla extract packs a wallop of scent packed strength: easily deodorize that pungent microwave with just a little extract; heat a small amount on High for about a minute. Or rid yourself of the funky bouquet of a week’s worth of leftovers in your fridge with a soaked cotton ball using nature’s deodorizer. Mix a tablespoon into a can of interior paint, and the fumes will be dampened by vanilla’s charms. And because vanilla is a natural insect repellent, not only will your place smell deliciously welcoming, but it will be naturally free of mosquitoes, blackflies, and ticks.


Guess We All Have Bad Days

Saw this comment at apartment therapy and just couldn’t help but think that I feel like this some days.

our contractor did such a sh*t-ass job that it our small, romanesque tiles actually look like they were, in fact, done in roman times. godamned train wreck in our godamned train wreck house and my godamned train wreck life

Partying In Rio Rancho

Fun stuff happening around these parts. Here are some choice bits from the article.

A loud party last month led to the citation of nine minors for underage drinking and possible charges for the “passed out” mother who allowed it. Marcus Riggs, 18, whose mother rented the apartment, let police in. Riggs told officer Chris French that “he and some of his friends got together and had a few beers”. It is unclear if Riggs’ mother Lynda, 36, would have objected to the party, as she was in no condition to break it up. “Lynda Riggs was found passed out in one of the back rooms”. Still, the officers suspected that Mrs. Riggs facilitated the party, leading to the possible charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The district attorney’s office will decide whether or not to file that charge. This arrest was part of a Sandoval County DWI Task Force underage-drinking sweep run by the Sandoval County Sheriff’s Department.

Local Dumbass Gets Arrested

Thankfully these kinds of dumb-asses make law enforcements jobs easier.

Police arrest a man who threatened a Hooters manager and you won’t believe how police caught up with him. Police says 23-year old Gregory Lock, along with three other people, refused to pay their bill at the Hooters on San Mateo. Police say when the manager told Lock and his friends they couldn’t come back, Lock grabbed his gun and waved it at the manager, then took off. The very next call, APD responded to was a domestic disturbance at an apartment complex on Pan American Northeast. The same officer who was called to Hooters responded and ran into Lock. When Lock saw the officer, he ran up to him and said, “I didn’t have anything to do with that bill skip at hooters”. Lock is charged with aggravated assault.

A Little Snow Fall In Albuquerque


I love the snow. Growing up in Arizona I didn’t get to live in snow let alone see much of it. Therefore I get really excited where there’s a chance for snow

My first day in Albuquerque it snowed. I woke up that morning for my first day of work. Outside there find probably 6-12″ of snow on the ground. I didn’t even know it snowed overnight and the day before there was no sign of snow. I remember that it was very quite. Not only because it was 5am but because there is something about the sound deadening quality of a think layer of snow, it’s very peaceful.

It was quite an adventure trying to drive a ’72 Ford Maverick equipped to dissipate heat as quick as possible in the 100+ degree Arizona weather. It worked well in Arizona but with the cold weather of that morning I couldn’t keep it running. It wouldn’t warm up even when I covered the radiator. I had to ditch the car on a side street, walk back to my apartment and call my cousin to pick me up.

Today we just got a dusting of snow. It hasn’t snowed that good in a few years at least. I still enjoy it. Looks like there will be another chance on Monday for more snow and I look forward to it.