Panda Express Left Overs Available On Craigslist

Someone has posted their Panda Express leftovers on craigslist. The post even includes pictures.

Delicious takeout leftover from Panda Express. This food was excellent. Unopened fortune cookie in mint condition. Me and my family just cant think of throwing it out. We are sure someone needs it. Included is an eggroll my daughter was working on at time of picture. Fork not included.

Uhhhh… No thanks.


2nd Annual X Prize Cup

IMG_6473.JPGFriday and Saturday marked the second annual X Prize cup in which the AP has a article about. I wasn’t able to make it to this years event (my pictures from last years are on Flickr).

A lot of other people did go and they put their pictures on Flickr. Looks like it was a much better event with real working aircraft. One thing I noted last year were most of the stuff on display were mockups, as opposed to actual working machines. Not to mention that they had more stuff in the air. I will try to go next year but will go for sure when it’s at the real space port.

Another interesting note, last year it was call the “preview event” and this year it’s called the “second annual”, meaning that last year was really the “first annual”. Whatever.

Unser Road Construction

Unser & AbrazoUser road is one of the main drags through Rio Rancho. It use to only take you to North Hills (where I lived when I first moved to New Mexico), it now takes you to the new Down Town Rio Rancho, along with all the house developments besides North Hills. It’s deplorable that with all the housing and the down town that the road is still only in progress of being widened from 2 lanes (no center lane) to 4 lanes. Anyone that’s been at the intersection of Unser and Northern about 7am can testify that this road should have been completed with construction about two or three years ago.

The Scorpion’s play at the new Santa Anna Star Center in the new down town on 27 October. I don’t see anyway that they will have this road paved in a week and ready for traffic. The other road leading to the events center is Paseo Del Volcan, which Cocoposts explains how the whole United States paid for the majority of the road. In fact, I think the whole country paid for most of the Unser expansion too. Thanks USA!

Unnatural Spring

unnatural spring

I had noticed a spot in the road in front of my house for a few weeks, thought it was a oil stain or something. I had also noticed some water at the end of the driveway that came from nowhere. The source of the water became very apparent last week when it started bubbling out of a crack in the middle of the street, right where stain was.

I called the Rio Rancho water department, they were out the next day, put a cone out and marked the street. They day after that they had fixed the leak leaving a dirt patch in it’s place, I hope they plan to come back and put some asphalt there.

AOL Closes New Mexico Offices

This shouldn’t have really been a surprise after AOL said they are going to a free service model.

AOL announced Wednesday it will lay off 1,300 employees by closing call centers in New Mexico and Arizona as part of a previously announced restructuring plan. AOL, the Time Warner Inc. online unit formerly known as America Online, also plans to sell its call center in Ogden, Utah. The cuts include 900 layoffs at the Albuquerque call center and 400 jobs at the center in Tucson, Ariz., AOL spokesman Nicholas Graham said. The Arizona and New Mexico call centers each have operated for 10 years.

The Black Hole

Holy crap, I had no idea this place was right in my backyard! I gotta make a trip this weekend.

Welcome to The Black Hole – Ed Grothus’ old supermarket and adjoining A-frame church piled deep with salvaged scientific equipment of all kinds. Of course this nerd’s paradise is located in Los Alamos, NM

Im Starting To HATE Nature

I was trying to sleep in on my day off this morning only to be awaken about 10am. The noise sounded like someone was pounding on the side of my house with a hammer, WTF? After listening to it for about a minute I started to think, no, it can’t be. It can’t be what I think it is, can it?

I manage to get some clothes and shoes on. I walk out to the back yard and there are a shitload of birds all over the place. And what do I find attached to the side of my house? A wood pecker. It’s removed a large swatch of stucko from the side of my house, just under a window.

I guess it was time to get up anyways.

Update: Apparently it isn’t uncommon to have woodpeckers attack buildings in New Mexico. I found this PDF from NMSU on how to control them.