The Intel Tank


In Russia, Intel’s advertising vehicle is literally a vehicle. A Tank. Also: hot chicks.

I’m skeptical that is an official effort by Intel. Looks more like a third party using Intel’s advertising funds.


Intel Not Using Vista

I’ve known for a while that Intel won’t be deploying Microsoft Vista internally. Now that the New York Times is reporting on it, you can know too.

Intel, the giant chip maker and longtime partner of Microsoft, has decided against upgrading the computers of its own 80,000 employees to Microsoft’s Vista operating system, a person with direct knowledge of the company’s plans said.

The person, who has been briefed on the situation but requested anonymity because of the sensitivity of Intel’s relationship with Microsoft, said the company made its decision after a lengthy analysis by its internal technology staff of the costs and potential benefits of moving to Windows Vista, which has drawn fire from many customers as a buggy, bloated program that requires costly hardware upgrades to run smoothly.

“This isn’t a matter of dissing Microsoft, but Intel information technology staff just found no compelling case for adopting Vista,” the person said.

An Intel spokesman said the company was testing and deploying Vista in certain departments, but not across the company.

Ars Technica On Intel's Tanking Stock

Intel reported earnings yesterday, record earnings. Because Intel did not meet the expectations of analysts the stock is getting hammered.

Joel Hruska at Ars Technica has a great commentary on why they are expecting too much from a good thing.

Instead of considering Intel’s Q4 2007 and projected Q1 2008 performance as proof of any weakness in the tech industry, financial analysts should step back and consider that they, themselves may have been irrationally exuberant. Intel’s quarterly report and balance sheet reveal no pressing weaknesses. Business is strong across the entire globe, operating income and gross margins both rose significantly, and the company’s lower-than-expected first quarter revenue projection is lower than analysts would like precisely because Intel chose to err on the side of caution.

Disclaimer: I work for Intel.

Supercomputer At Intel Rio Rancho

I wonder if this is going to be housed in what used to be Fab7

A California company will build a supercomputer here that will be housed at Intel Corp. in Rio Rancho. SGI of California has been awarded an $11 million state contract to build the computer. Businesses, governments and schools will be able to use the facility, to be called the New Mexico Computing Applications Center, to model complex problems, according to Gov. Bill Richardson’s office. These range from creating new products to modeling scenarios for New Mexico’s future water supply.

Work. Work. Work. Work. Work.

After the layoffs my job changed some. I am no longer on compressed work week and moved to first shift (not my choice). I lost pay in the process. I also am busier and have more responsibilities than before..

I am thankful to have my job.

I’ve got plenty of things going on, but not in the mood to write about it. Hopefully things change in a while.

Intel's New Mexico Site Layoffs, One Week Later


I hesitate to blog about work, thinking it will get me in trouble. The most pressing issue in the last month, maybe the last 6 months, has been the layoffs at work, New Mexico’s Intel site in Rio Rancho. Last week everyone got their “message”, either placed in the same position, placed in another position, Not placed with redeployment or just not placed. I was placed with some changes to my current position.

I was prepared both mentally and financially to be laid off. My years of employment at Intel would have provided me with several months of pay. The state is helping everyone find jobs (you know, our Governor is running for President). There was also the chance of going to school. I know, I should be grateful that I have a job particularly since Intel pays so well. Especially for New Mexico. But there were some benefits to being laid off and I am ready for a new career. Or that’s what I have convinced myself leading up to last week. Not to mention that the whole process left a bad taste in my mouth.

There is no good way to do a layoff. There seems to be bad ways to do layoffs. The common way, it seems to me from talking with others who have gone through layoffs at other companies, is that people are suddenly missing one day without warning. You show up to work and a bunch of people are no longer there. Intel’s way was different, it was a process. I could go on and on and on about this, but I will leave it at this for now. Since I still have a job, I want to keep it and stay out of trouble.

The whole reason for these layoffs, which has been widely reported, is that Intel is moving from 200mm to 300mm wafer sizes. There are two factories here, a 200 and 300 one. Merging them together with all the wonders of automation in the 300mm factory means you need less people to run it. New Mexico didn’t have the only 200mm factory, all other factories like this should pay attention to what happened here.

It’s good that I have a job, at least I can focus on other things that don’t involve looking for a job. I paid off my debt in preparation, that was also a good thing. This next year should bring along some changes, time to hold on for the ride.

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Good To Be Back Home

Haven’t been in the blogging mode the last several weeks. My company sent me to Arizona for an assignment, which pretty much sucked

Normally I would have jumped at a chance to go to Arizona for free. But its hot and miserable in Arizona this time of year. Then I caught a cold and was sick for the first two weeks. How does someone catch a cold in 100+ heat? Someone broke into my rental car. Thankfully it wasn’t my own car and I didn’t leave anything in the car. It was still a hassle and lost most of a day dealing with it

Anyway it’s good to be back home.