A Little Snow Fall In Albuquerque


I love the snow. Growing up in Arizona I didn’t get to live in snow let alone see much of it. Therefore I get really excited where there’s a chance for snow

My first day in Albuquerque it snowed. I woke up that morning for my first day of work. Outside there find probably 6-12″ of snow on the ground. I didn’t even know it snowed overnight and the day before there was no sign of snow. I remember that it was very quite. Not only because it was 5am but because there is something about the sound deadening quality of a think layer of snow, it’s very peaceful.

It was quite an adventure trying to drive a ’72 Ford Maverick equipped to dissipate heat as quick as possible in the 100+ degree Arizona weather. It worked well in Arizona but with the cold weather of that morning I couldn’t keep it running. It wouldn’t warm up even when I covered the radiator. I had to ditch the car on a side street, walk back to my apartment and call my cousin to pick me up.

Today we just got a dusting of snow. It hasn’t snowed that good in a few years at least. I still enjoy it. Looks like there will be another chance on Monday for more snow and I look forward to it.


There’s some on the ground now and there could be up to 3″ in parts of Albuquerque. May not seem like a lot to some but it’s a lot for Albuquerque. I’ll post some pictures once there is some light. Meanwhile I have a little bit of a sore throat and a headache. But I can make it through the day.


Day Trip To Santa Fe Photos

Today I took a trip to Santa Fe with my parents. There isn’t a whole lot there, for being the capital city of New Mexico. No high rises, just a small square in the middle of the city. A lot of artsy shops and Indian jewelry surround the square. It was pretty cold, under 40 degrees, so we didn’t stay long. Yeah yeah, 40 isn’t very cold compared to some places but it’s cold enough not to want to be in.

I’m having some problems with my Camera. Take the image titled “Looking tword the cathedral”, Images that are dark sometimes have some graininess to them. I also find that I get about 2-3 corrupt pictures. I don’t know if this is some problem with the memory card or the camera. There are a few images I took of the monument in the center of the square, where they removed the word savage describing the indians, that were corrupt.

There wasn’t any protesters in the plaza today but there were some along the way.

Race track

Race Track

Edge of town

Edge of town



Santa Fe

Santa Fe

Near the cathedral

Native American art work

Native American art work

Native American art work

Looking toward the cathedral

Looking toward the cathedral


Santa Fe Rooftops

About the monument

about the monument

Down town square < downtown square

Santa Fe Public Library

Santa Fe Public Library


Snow could be on it’s way!
[Update:] I think I saw snow for a minute. Other than that all we got was rain in Albuquerque. Plenty of snow in the Sandias and Santa Fe though. We really needed the moisture otherwise so I’m not complaining. 

Movie Style Freeway Shooting

This looks like it came from a move, but it happened on I-10 in Arizona. Very near where I use to live.“This appears to be a load of undocumented aliens that was being hijacked or kidnapped from another group of smugglers,” Pinal County Sheriff Roger Vanderpool said. “It was clearly retaliation and to send a message.” The smugglers who were attacked near Casa Grande had kidnapped the immigrants from the assailants in southern Pinal County, he said. The suspected shooters later caught up to the other group about 8:30 a.m. as the smugglers headed toward Phoenix in a two-vehicle convoy. They opened fire from a van, killing four and injuring five others. The two vehicles carried 24 people.” It left the freeway in a bottleneck for 9 hours. It all has to do with the trafficking of Illegal immigrants. 

Check Out This Weird House

Bar Prince House in Rio Rancho

This house is located in Rio Rancho on Horne and Northern Blvd. Don’t know who designed but there doesn’t appear to be anyone living there. It’s basically a long tube with a garage stuck on the end.

[Updated: 04/15/04] Tonight on the Channel 7 News they had a story on the weird house in Rio Rancho. It’s designed by Bart Prince and will be featured in an edition of Architectural Digest. Unsurprisingly there is no information on Channel 7’s website.

[Updated 05/19/04:] Here’s an article about the house.

[Updated 09/13/08:] There are a number of other pictures of other Bart Prince houses on Flickr. Here’s just a few: