New Mexico Subs For Arizona In Sicario

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Sicario has become one of my recent favorite movies. The story mostly takes place in Phoenix, Arizona but it was filmed in New Mexico.

The film starts in Chandler, Arizona where I grew up. Seeing the image of the west side of Albuquerque, with the Sandia mountains in the background, substitute for Chandler was funny. I thought Chandler was a odd choice, as it’s a much bigger town than what they are trying to portray. Maybe farther east like Florence would have been a better choice.

None of this bothered me. I wish I would have been able to work on Sicario in some capacity but I was just starting out in the film business when this was being made.

“Detention” short film

After being laid off from Intel in 2014 I have started a new career in the New Mexico film industry. This year I worked on my first 48 hour film project. In “Detention” I worked as DIT and assistant editor. The trailer can be seen on YouTube.

A dysfunctional group of High School staff have a difficult time proving to their boss, Kelly Cartier, that they are no longer ‘minimally effective’.