New Mac Pros… in 2018

The Mac Pro is in a sorry state. Not updated for 3 years. I built two Hackintoshes last year because I wasn’t going to buy a new Mac Pro that may be updated an minutes or never.

John Gruber reports that Apple is in fact working on a update that seems to be taking a long time.

Let’s not beat around the bush. I have great news to share:
Apple is currently hard at work on a “completely rethought” Mac Pro, with a modular design that can accommodate high-end CPUs and big honking hot-running GPUs, and which should make it easier for Apple to update with new components on a regular basis. They’re also working on Apple-branded pro displays to go with them.
I also have not-so-great news:
These next-gen Mac Pros and pro displays will not ship until next year. In the meantime, Apple is today releasing meager speed-bump updates to the existing Mac Pros. The $2999 model goes from 4 Xeon CPU cores to 6, and from dual AMD G300 GPUs to dual G500 GPUs. The $3999 model goes from 6 CPU cores to 8, and from dual D500 GPUs to dual D800 GPUs. Nothing else is changing, including the ports. No USB-C, no Thunderbolt 3 (and so no support for the LG UltraFine 5K display).

6 Replies to “New Mac Pros… in 2018”

  1. at the other end, my parents desperately need to upgrade their mac mini, and I’m working on a 4-year old iMac that I refuse to upgrade until they release a new model. Even if they just had some sort of sane timeline for things, instead of leaving us guessing for EVERYTHING, it would be better.

    also, I finally gave in and bought an ipad mini at the reduced price, because my ipad air was unusable and 90% of the rumors were that the mini is essentially getting discontinued (and I like the size). I’m now expecting that they’ll announce a new mini pro next week, just to piss me off.

      1. I have no idea what the hell they’re doing. That’s part of the problem. I finally realized that for what I actually used my ipad for (reading the news, light games, portable photo editing), the current mini was actually fine, despite my normal policy of not buying out-of-date stuff. To the extent I really need to do power-user stuff on the go…I have a macbook – it makes much more sense to use that on the rare occasion I need that sort of extra oomph than to buy another “big” ipad that weighs down my bag because I carry that device everywhere.

  2. I am still thinking hard about replacing my 2009 mini with a hackintosh, just not sure I want to make the plunge.

      1. I may look at that, but I am not wedded to the form factor–it just was the best form factor at the time. (It replaced a QuickSilver G4 which had replaced a PowerCenter Pro 180.) I am thinking a mid-tower case might actually provide the best cost vs. performance, but every time I start looking at pricing one together I get a bit overwhelmed with all of the options there are.

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