Quicken 2007 For Mac To Be Discontinued, Replaced By Quicken 2017

Quicken 2007ScreenSnapz001As a long time user of Quicken for Mac I have been stuck using Quicken 2007. Intuit came out with several version of Quicken after 2007 but they all lacked the most important features that I used Quicken for.

Intuit was apparently aware at their own incompetency at producing a quality Mac quicken app becaue they continued to make Quicken 2007 compatable with the latest OS.

Quicken was sold in 2015 which is resulting in a updated version of Quicken.

The Quicken team is committed to delivering a great Mac product to our customers.  We are in the midst of doubling the size of our Mac engineering team, and our engineers are hard at work on improving Quicken for Mac 2016 (including the recent release of 12 month budgets) and building a robust Quicken for Mac 2017 that will launch later this year.

In order to focus our Mac engineering efforts on products that are built to run on Apple’s latest computers and operating systems, we will be ending support of Quicken for Mac 2007 with the release of Quicken for Mac 2017, later this year.

One way or another Quicken Mac users will be forced to upgrade whether the 2017 version is feature complete with 2007 or not.

5 Replies to “Quicken 2007 For Mac To Be Discontinued, Replaced By Quicken 2017”

  1. I’m not sure which features you user, but I upgraded to iBank (now Banktivity) and have been happy since the conversion.

    1. I’ve tried (and purchased) several quicken alternatives over they years. They were all missing one feature another: calendar view, bill pay, reports, etc.

  2. Does anyone have a Quicken 2007 MAC install disk that I can buy or rent? Desperate in Hawaii! Hoping a re-install will fix my category problems. Quicken 2007 has everything I need and like “gregjsmith” I have not found another alternative with all the features I use. Course when my Q is not working that does not matter much. L0L!

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