Goodbye To The Maverick

Maverick in Arizona

In 1991 I was in high school and a neighbor brought home a 1972 Ford Maverick Sprint and parked it in front of his house. I fell in love with it and eventually bought it.

I could go on about what it meant to to me but the short story is it sat in my garage for almost the whole 20 years I’ve been in New Mexico. It’s pretty clear that I will never have the money to finish working on it and it’s just clutter at this point.

I sold it. It was hard but it’s better at this point.


GE Chooses Boston Over Rio Rancho

In August of 2015 Albuquerque Business First reported “GE turns down Rio Rancho relocation proposal“. Now we know that GE had chosen Boston as the location of it’s new headquarters “G.E. Is Moving Headquarters to Boston and Itself Into the Digital Era” according to the New York Times.

Now, in its latest step to remake itself — and its public image — as an industrial company for the digital era, G.E. said it was moving its headquarters from its longtime sprawling suburban home in Fairfield, Conn., to the high-tech environs of Boston.

I would have very much liked to have General Electric headquartered in Rio Rancho. But if I’m thinking of a high tech company, Boston seems like a better location than Rio Rancho.

Goodbye And Fuck You 2015

While a change in the calendar year has no real meaning to the universe, it’s not hard to track one’s life milestones by the change in the year.

2014 was bad after being laid off from Intel. 2015 continued being shitty with poor job prospects and the death of my sister among many of my problems.

I have become a cliche at the age of 40 with major life changing events and being in the situation where I don’t know what to do with myself. I hope next year brings some improvements but honestly I am not very hopeful.