I Was Laid Off From Intel


On 11/12/13 I reported to a conference room on the 3rd floor of the RR5 building at the Intel Rio Rancho, New Mexico site. All technicians were to report at their designated time to find out their employment status. My manager stated he had to read from the script and the only part I remember from that script was that “my skills were found to be less than my peers”, or something to that effect. I was notified by my manager that I was “redeployed”, Intel’s term for people that are being laid off. I was told that I would still be employed until 1/15/2014 but that I did not need to come in unless I wanted to.

Intel had announced a few months before that this layoff was going to happen. While I had been mentally preparing myself for it and thinking about what would happen if I did get laid off I wasn’t really expecting to be let go. I had talked to my manger the day before and he didn’t indicate that he was expecting me to be let go. Of course he wouldn’t have any way to know for sure. He wasn’t involved in the decision making process other than to fill out a “skills matrix” of some kind on me. I don’t have any reason to believe that he wrote something like “this guy has no skillz!”. In fact my performance review for the previous year was quite good and my manager was discussing a promotion for me in the next year or two. He was also encouraging me to go to school to finish my degree. Things seemed pretty positive from my point of view.

If I was missing some sort of skills or I was supposed to know something, at least as far as my manger and I was concerned, I think I would have known. This layoff wasn’t supposed to have anything to do with performance anyway. It was supposed to be all skills based. It’s mystery to my exactly what caused me to be on HR’s shit list, but I’m not believing that this layoff was completely skills based.

Intel did a number of things to make this process go easy on the employees. I effectively got a 2 month paid vacation, they waited until the beginning of the year before I was terminated allowing me to get bonuses and other benefits and I get a severance. They could have given no notice and just terminated my employment immediately.

I have moved on and accepted what has happen. It wasn’t easy especially with 18 years at Intel, it hurt. Feelings of rejection and “why me” had a much bigger impact on me than I expected and its hard not to hold a little resentment over how it all went down. But I was better prepared for this layoff financially than the last one in 2006. I am already taking classes to start a career in another industry. Hopefully New Mexico provides jobs in that industry or I may be moving out of state.


21 Replies to “I Was Laid Off From Intel”

  1. I’m so sorry! As you know, I’ve been there.

    As you offered several years ago when I was in the same boat, if you ever make it to my neck of the woods, I will buy you a drink and commiserate.

  2. So sorry to hear this news. I know exactly what you’re feeling because I too was “let go” after 19 years at the same company. The bottom line, 5 years later, is that I’ll never know the “real” reason I was kicked to the curb.

    I hope you keep on with your education plans and I wish you all the luck getting back to work.

  3. I quit INTEL in 2005. I was loyal to the company for 8 years. However I did not like how intel treated everybody. In the beginning it was fun and games till I went on medical leave. Twice in 2001 and 2004. After my comeback I was no longer an employee but a liability.

  4. 13.5 years, here, before being let go. Just curious what you are going to school for and what folks do with their experience after leaving Intel? How do prospective employers view Intel experience?

    1. I’m not sure how employers view Intel experience, it depends on what you were doing. I was in a role where I did project management and technical leadership type stuff. I will need to make sure my resume reflects that. If I were to stay in the semiconductor industry then I would all use that. But I am currently in the CNM Film industry classes, which is something I will write about in a future post.

      1. Congrats on your new path! I was not in a technical field . . . Plan on looking inside and outside the tech industry. Maybe increase our pork and poultry production. http://Www.buchholzandsonfarms.com isn’t making much money, but it keeps our freezer full.

  5. I hated my time at Intel. Most people would throw you under the bus in a heartbeat, especially those climbing the ladder. The whole team atmosphere went by the wayside years ago when they implemented ranking and rating. Most of the people I worked with in Cali, Oregon, and Ariz were just fighting to survive.

    Every review they find some BS reason to not promote you or give a decent raise. When it comes to your real status, as you found out, they treat you like a mushroom (keep you in the dark and feed you s***).

    Getting termed was the best thing to happen to you and you will realize that soon.

    I left in 2000 and never looked back. Finished my comp sci degree and both my salary and quality of life are significantly better (including my health).

    – James (Fab 4 , Fab 6 and Robert Noyce bldg.).

  6. 1997-2005 fab 11 Enduras then Tencor. L2 Process Technician. Left the pit due to emergency surgery on my back “Dr. Removed 20 knifes off my back from so many backstabers ” Intel good place to work, but the system is gear to make the employees fight for employment and promotion is like cancer, sooner or later will kill you.

  7. Thank you for that interesting story and hope you managed to find another job. We are sorry to hear how Intel is considering its employees. We are facing the same thing in France and started a blog (like you) to explain that Intel is not a Great Place To Work:


  8. Greg, I am sorry to hear about your, and other Intel employees’ treatment. I sincerely hope you have found or will soon find comparable or better employment. In addition to whatever separation package Intel provides/provided, did Intel allow laid off/reduced-in-force employees to keep their Intel email address? I ask because I was trying to contact someone and I didn’t want to do it if the email is just going to go to some web master. Thanks in advance. Hang in there- been there.

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