Western Refining Screws Up Gasoline Again

wester refining

In March 2008 I wrote Major Fuck-Up By Local Gasoline Distributor when Western Refining delivered diesel gas to regular gas pumps. This time the gas had water mixed in. From the Albuquerque Journal “Hotline set up for cars that got contaminated gasoline

The Giant gas station chain has set up a new claims hotline to help customers experiencing car trouble after buying bad fuel at two Albuquerque-area stations.

The Giant stores at 6570 Paradise NW and 1050 N.M. 528 in Rio Rancho each sold contaminated gas Tuesday, according to company spokesman Gary Hanson.

Drivers who bought it may notice a rough idle or have difficulty accelerating, Hanson said. The company plans to reimburse drivers for the repairs associated with the bad gas.

Hanson said officials believe a water leak into one of the Gallup refinery’s storage tanks is to blame, but the company is still investigating.

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