Atari Game E.T. To Be Dug Up In Alamogordo


From the Alamogordo Daily News “Alamogordo green lights search for buried Atari games

It’s been called the worse game of all time.

The “E.T.” Atari game came out shortly after the eponymous Steven Spielberg film in the early 1980s.

District 1 Commissioner Jason Baldwin said he has played the game and admits it was terrible.

Thousands of the games were buried in an Alamogordo landfill under cover of darkness.

The “Atari Graveyard” is a popular urban legend among video game afficianados.

Now a film company will excavate the old landfill, located near the Charlie T. Lee Memorial Relief Route in Alamogordo.

The city commission approved on Tuesday night a contract that will allow the film company — Fuel Industries — six months to dig up the landfill and search for the coveted bad games.

No word on when the search for the world’s worst game will begin.

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