Bathing Bad Bath Salts: Cooked In Albuquerque

Inspired by Breaking Bad:

Do you find yourself worrying about taking care of yourself or your family? Do you spend time during your tv show wandering around in just your underwear? Even had a plane crash over your house? Are you looking for better ways than a carwash to launder your money? Then Bathing Bad is for you. We relax away the bad with every, long, hot, luxurious bath.

A proprietary blend of fine, course and jumbo ancient salts, organic blend of essential oils that relaxes away the Bad.

First, stop worrying about everything. Run yourself a nice hot bath. Sprinkle our blue “meth” salts into your water and smell the relaxation. Add yourself to the warm bath and soak as long as needed to relax away the Bad.

You can get:

81Er8Yi7NwL._SL1500_Bathing Bad Bath Salts for $15.




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Vice TV Visits An Albuquerque School

Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 8.35.21 PM

Episode 3 of Vice on HBO visits an Albuquerque school. The website has a short trailer and a subscription to HBO will be required to watch the whole episode.

With an average of 83 people dying in gun-related violence every day in the U.S., the debate over firearms continues to heat up. VICE visits the New Life Baptist Church & Academy in Albuquerque, NM, where Pastor Larry Allen preaches guns and teaches guns. His school is fully armed with an ex-police security team, and his young students are taught gun drills and tactics to disarm attackers.

Make Magazine Interviews New Mexico Artist Christian Ristow


From makezine “5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Things About Christian Ristow

he’s done animatronics and special effects for a number of movies, including Thor, A.I., and Cowboys & Aliens. Christian also founded and led robotic performance art troupe Robochrist Industries for a number of years. He makes everything from small but fierce sculptures with self-explanatory names like Smashy Von HammersBot and Voracious Mouth (pictured below) to large-scale interactive sculptures like Hand of Man, a 26-foot-long hydraulically actuated human hand and forearm capable of picking up and crushing cars, controlled using a glove-like device that dictates its motions.

What's Going On At The Arizona Intel Site?


The Oregonian speculates “Intel activity slows in Arizona amid slack demand“.

The company has slowed the installation of production tools at its nearly complete, $5 billion Fab 42 near Phoenix (a fab is the industry’s term for a chip factory), according to Intel suppliers and contractors in Oregon.

These personnel, who asked not to be identified because of their relationship with Intel, say some tools appear to be idle in Arizona. Other tools have been redirected to the new D1X research fab in Hillsboro, which opens its first, $3 billion phase late this year.

When Intel announced plans to build Fab 42 two years ago, it said the Arizona facility would be complete in 2013. That’s still the timeline, according to corporate spokesman Chuck Mulloy — but he wouldn’t say when the facility will begin making high volumes of chips.

Standing In Line In Rio Rancho

Rio Rancho Police by Rescuenav, on Flickr
Rio Rancho Police by Rescuenav, on Flickr

On the City of Rio Rancho’s page about “Kamp Out for Kamp Rio” there is about 10 paragraphs on how to stand in line. This is so people can sign up for Rio Rancho’s apparently popular “Kamp Rio 2013” summer day camp for kids.

“Standing In Line” Rules and Etiquette

The Parks & Recreation Department staff makes every attempt to ensure that the registration for summer camp is a fair process for everyone. The summer camp line is nothing unique. Throughout life, we are all subject to “standing in lines”: Black Friday shopping, theme parks, concerts, at the grocery store, etc. As with every aspect of life, there is a protocol that should be followed.

Stay In Line At All Times. Anyone who has claimed a spot in the registration line is required to stay in line with the exception of short restroom breaks. If an individual, who has claimed a spot in the registration line, needs to leave for any reason that person needs to be replaced temporarily by a family member or friend until the person returns.

A Tent Or Chair Does Not Hold Your Place In Line. An individual will not be allowed to place a chair or tent to claim their spot in the registration line. Do not leave for work/school/home/shopping/restaurants or anything else until your registration has been accepted by Parks & Recreation staff or your tent and chairs will be removed by city staff.

Do Not Reserve Or Hold Spots For Others. Think how annoyed you would be after hours of waiting, suddenly and out of nowhere, five friends join the person in front of you making your wait even longer?

Be Patient – Everyone in line is in the same situation. Don’t be come irritated with others in line or with the Parks & Recreation staff.

Restroom Break – If you leave the line for any amount of time longer than short restroom breaks, you cannot expect to come back and take up your old place.

Respect Personal Space Of Others – While there is no need to stand body-to-body in the line, there is also no need to extend your tent/bbq grill/chairs/picnic-tables, etc. amongst a large space. Doing so will only irritate people and heighten tensions.

No Smoking In Line! If you are a smoker, now is not the time to light up – save that until you get home.

No Line Jumping – Quite simply – don’t!

“Standing in line” has universally understood rules and etiquette, but there are still those who break the rules mentioned above. With that said, the above rules apply and everyone’s cooperation and attention to this matter is sincerely appreciated.