Dust Off A Mountian Range After A Earthquake


A picture on from Reddit post “The mountains in Arizona after a 7.2 magnitude earthquake. Far out!” actually comes from Channel 7 San Diego on April 7, 2010, “Pic: Earthquake Lifts Layer of Dust Off a Mountain Range

Brothers traveling in Mexico during Sunday’s deadly earthquake photographed a surreal sight: The power of the quake lifting a layer of dust off a mountain range.

The dramatic photographs were shot by Roberto and Adrian Marquez Marquez just after the 3:40 p.m magnitude 7.2 quake. The pictures show the area around La Rumorosa, the highest point in Tecate.

“We felt the truck shake and the roads cracking,” Roberto wrote to NBCSanDiego. “We stopped and looked at the big hills, and the force of the quake shook the mountains and dust started to come up.”