No Hockey This Winter At The Santa Ann Star Center

The Santa Anna Star Center was built in Rio Rancho to primarily be a venue for the New Mexico Scorpions hockey team. Not only are the New Mexico Scorpions not playing there, the New Mexico Mustangs won’t be playing there either according the the Rio Rancho Observer “Mustangs ‘inactive’ for season“.

The New Mexico Mustangs, who called the Star Center home for the past two seasons of North American Hockey league competition, were officially “granted inactive status” by the NAHL and will not compete in the league in the 2012-13 season.

A ticket to a Mustangs’ game wasn’t exactly the hottest item in town: The team drew an average of 802 fans for each of its 29 home games in 2010-11 and then 721 fans for each of its 30 home games in the just-completed season.

The situation with the Santa Anna Star Center was covered by the New York Times in 2011. The company that convinced the city to build the center, Global Entrainment, went around the country getting a lot of cities to build similar arenas making promises that didn’t come true.

The Gila National Forest Whitewater Fire


The Whitewater Fire is burning in the Gila National Forest north of Silver City, NM.

Detected 5/16/2012, and located 10 miles northeast of Glenwood. The fire is currently 410 acres burning in steep, rough, rugged terrain in mixed conifer. The fire is burning in all directions but mostly to the east. In the early morning, the fire is backing with active head run in the late afternoon as the sun hits the fire. Crews will continue to scout and prep as access is very limited due to steep terrain. Smoke is visible from N.M. Highway 180. 56 personnel are assigned to the fire.

The Solar Eclipse In Albquerque

Eclipse Sunset

Photo by bobthemtnbiker on flickr.

The (solar) annular eclipse was visible in Albuquerque this year right before sunset. Many people attended viewing parties on the west mesa or their homes. I managed to get out of work in time to see the eclipse at a party in Corrales. I think the eclipse was more fun when viewed with friends.

Mystery Object Not A UFO Over Denver

I liked this article from Channel 9 in Denver which is very careful not to call an “mystery” object flying over Denver a UFO.

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating a mystery in the sky. A mysterious object flying over Denver nearly caused a mid-air collision Monday evening, 9Wants to Know has learned.

Feith listened to the air traffic recordings and believes the object could be one of three things:

– A military or law enforcement drone.
– A remote controlled aircraft.
– A large bird.

“Was this an unmanned vehicle that was part of some sort of law enforcement operation? Was this somebody that had flown a large model aircraft inadvertently into the airspace? Or was it just [a bird that] caught the pilot’s eye so he believed it was an aircraft but could have been a very large wing span bird,” Feith said.

It’s too bad they can’t call it a UFO since technically it stands for unidentified flying object. But if someone calls something a UFO it’s now meant to mean it’s a alien from another planet.

Meow The Cat Has Died

I didn’t have a chance to write about Meow the cat when he became famous for being extremely overweight at about 40 pounds at the Santa Fe Humane Society.

Meow has died due to “respiratory complications” according to the Santa Fe Humane Society’s website.

Moths Cause Horrible Car Crash

From the Denver Post, “Miller moths prompt crash, explosion in Colorado Springs

A vehicle driven by a teenager Tuesday night veered off of the side of the road, slammed into a tree and exploded into flames apparently because of miller moths, according to the Colorado Springs Police Department.

This story might sound silly that someone could be distracted by a few moths. But Albuquerque has had the same plague of miller moths and I could imagine there were so many moths that it looked like a snow storm.