What Is The Source Of This Woman Hitting A Pole In Rio Rancho

Apparently A person hit a utility pole in the middle of the desert of Rio Rancho. I found several sites “reporting” on it, such a WTF and pictures sites but I cannot find the original source which I assume is from a local source in New Mexico. The best I can find is a UK Orange News site which had this to say:

Car Hits Pole In Rio RanchoPolice in the US are baffled after a woman managed to drive her car into a telegraph pole in the middle of a wide-open desert.

She somehow managed to plough straight into the middle of the 20ft pole, despite being surrounded by acres of empty desert in Rio Rancho, Sandoval, New Mexico.

The damage to the front of the grey car is clearly visible in the snap, with the sheer force of the crash also causing the wooden utility pole to snap.

A Rio Rancho police officer said the driver of the vehicle had no life-threatening injuries but was taken to a local hospital as a precaution.

New Mexico is one of the most vast and least densely populated states in the US due to its mountainous territory and desert landscape.

Based on the picture that accompanies the article, I cannot place exactly where the photo was taken in Rio Rancho but I can see what appears to be at least one house in the back ground. I also suspect there is a road behind the camera.

Update: PNM on Twitter says this was a real incident.


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