Sandia Labs Came Up With Nuclear Drones

From the Wired article “Secret Nuclear Drone Plan Nixed by ‘Political Realities’“:

The plan was outlined in a document acquired by the Federation of American Scientists, which outlines a study Sandia conducted. The results? A new way, potentially, of powering military drones.

“As a result of this effort, UAVs were to be able to provide far more surveillance time and intelligence information per mission while reducing the high cost of support activities,” the report noted. “This technology was intended to create unmatched global capabilities to observe and preempt terrorist and weapon of mass destruction (WMD) activities.”

Essentially, the tech allowed for “ultra-persistent” drone flight that didn’t require traditional fuels. As the FAS points out, the study doesn’t ever say “nuclear,” but all of the giveaways are there: “decommissioning and disposal” wouldn’t be issues otherwise.

So what happened? “It was disappointing to all that the political realities would not allow use of the results,” Sandia laments. The lab gave up on nuclear drones due to political pressures, perceived or otherwise. “No near-term benefit to industry or the taxpayer will be encountered as a result of these studies.”

New Mexico Will Have A Maker Faire

Mikey Sklar at holyscraphotsprings:

It looks like I will have to stop knocking Albuquerque for being a lame-ass city. Maker Faire is coming to New Mexico for the first time (Sunday, September 23rd) and the organizers would like you to be part of it as a Maker or Vendor. Come meet the organizers in TorC at 1pm on Friday at March 16th. We will be having an informal meet and greet at the Little Sprout.

Mysterious Flash Of Light In Phoenix

Mysterious Light Flashes During Traffic on Fox 10:

While KSAZ Channel 10 in Phoenix was doing a traffic report, a flash of light appeared on the traffic camera. No one can explain what it was.

A bright light appeared during one of Andrea Robinson’s traffic hits Thursday morning.

Fox 10 checked with APS and Salt River Project to see if a transformer had blown, but that was not the case.

The flash appeared in the area just to the right of Andrea’s head.

Cat And Person Survive Lost Over 3 Weeks In New Mexico Forest

Apparently I am not the only one who has considered taking their cat camping with them.

Temperatures dropped below freezing almost every night, but somehow, some way, Margaret Page and her cat survived 3½ weeks in an isolated and rugged region of a southwestern New Mexico national forest.

Tucked away in a blue sleeping bag for warmth and set up near a creek for drinking water, Page and her cat named Miya lived on just a handful of supplies, rescue workers said Friday. The nearest town – tiny Dusty, N.M. – was 10 miles away.

Authorities said the 41-year-old Page, who has a history of mental illness, was found Wednesday emaciated and malnourished but well-hydrated.

“Her cat was in better shape than she was,” New Mexico State Police Search and Rescue incident commander Marc Levesque said. “Her cat was also hunting. (Page) ran out of food a while back.”