Terrible Accident At Sandia Peak

Skier Dies At Sandia Peak” from KOAT.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — An avid skier died early Sunday afternoon after an accident at the Sandia Peak Ski Area.
Authorities said that an experienced skier was on an intermediate slope when he crashed into another skier and then ran into a pole supporting a ski lift.
A helicopter was dispatched from University of New Mexico Hospital and landed on top of the mountain, but the EMS crew decided to drive the skier to the hospital. At some point after the skier was transported, the skier passed away.
The U.S. Forest Service was notified, and the ski patrol was conducting an investigation with the Sandia Mountain manager.

David Lee Roth Finds Brown M&M In New Mexico

David Lee Roth discusses in the Vimeo video “Brown M&Ms” why Van Halen contracts from the 1980’s would require no brown M&M. At the end of the video he specially discusses an incident in New Mexico where the contract was not followed and he was incorrectly attributed to causing nearly a $500,000 in damages to the dressing room.

I wonder if his memory is correct and when and where in New Mexico this took place.

Update: Snopes has more about this incident.

RIo Rancho Gets Sandoval County's Problems

A KOAT article “Animals Run Wild In Rio Rancho, Retired Officer Says” says that stray animals from the rest of Sandvoal County are being dumped in Rio Rancho.

“They’re either being brought by the citizens, who are dumping them in Rio Rancho, or they’re wandering in, and that’s just a burden in Rio Rancho,” he said.
Sandoval County leaders said the only animal control officer was transferred after he was involved in a criminal incident that was still under investigation.
Sheriff’s deputies were expected to continue to respond to certain animal control calls. Because they cannot transport animals, county leaders asked residents to take stray animals to local shelters to help with the problem.

The Confederate Flag Is Pretty, The Mexican Flag Is For Illegals

Janie Maders owner of AJ’s Cycles in Phoenix AZ took down a Confederate Flag when the Arizona Republic asked about it, according to the azcentral article “Phoenix business owner takes down Confederate flag“. She only had it up because she thought it was “pretty”. She had other flags up too like one of Puerto Rico. She’s not Racist.

But she said she wouldn’t put up a Mexican flag. “I wouldn’t want illegals of any nationality coming to my store,” she said.

Bugatti Driver Possibly Toots Own Horn On Arizona Freeway


Youtube video “Bugatti Veryon High Speed Runs x7″

From the the Reuters article “Arizona authorities furious over 215 mph Bugatti video

Arizona police are seeing red over the driver of a Bugatti Veyron luxury car who seems to have given himself the green light to drive over 215 miles per hour on a public freeway.

A roughly three-minute video that surfaced this week purports to show the mystery motorist reaching those speeds during seven adrenaline-charged runs in 2009.

Best quote from the article:

“We have these clowns do this from time to time,” Graves said. “They don’t care about what could happen. They just want to toot their own horn.”