What's This About Intel Buying Qualcomm?

I, Cringely “Prediction 3: Intel buys Qualcomm“:

The dominant theme in this set of predictions for 2012 is the mobile conversion as we abandon our desktops for mobile devices and the Cloud. Intel, while the dominant maker of microprocessors, doesn’t have a strong product position in mobile. Worse still, the company has a leadership vacuum and a culture that has not adapted well to change. Deep pockets aren’t enough when you don’t know where to spend the money and you are running out of time. That’s Intel.

Does buying Qualcomm really solve these supposed problems that Cringely thinks Intel has? Qualcomm bought the naming rights to Jack Murphy Stadium in San Diego, that’s not something Intel would do. Qualcomm isn’t a big of a company as Intel is but it’s still a very big company.