A Scoprion's Body Might Act Like A Giant Eye

From a Wired Science article titled “Glowing Scorpion Exoskeletons May Be Giant Eyes“:

Scorpion bodies are studded with eyes, sometimes as many as twelve — and scientists may have found one more.

A scorpion’s entire exoskeleton may act as one giant light receptor, a full-body proto-eye that detects shadows cast by moonlight and starlight.

That’s still just a hypothesis, but it would help explain why they glow so brilliantly under ultraviolet light.

Twelve eyes? TWELVE! Little bastards.

Texans Get Trapped In New Mexico Snow For Two Days

We in New Mexico like to make fun of Texans and the silly things they do when they are in New Mexico. Thankfully this Texas family survived.

Rescuers on Wednesday pulled a Texas family from an SUV that had been buried in a snowdrift on a rural New Mexico highway for nearly two days.

State police said rescuers had to dig through 4 feet of ice and snow to free the Higgins family, whose red GMC Yukon got stuck on U.S. 56 near Springer when a blizzard moved through the area Monday.

The Higginses were among 32 vehicles state police and guardsmen rescued from the storm, but they were the only ones who police say needed medical attention.

This incident occurred on 21 December when New Mexico had a big storm and Springer is located in the northern part of the state near interstate 25.

Albuquerque Craigslist Project Vehicles: 1947 Jeep CJ2A, 1967 Ford Mustang, 1972 Chevy Nova, 1964 Oldsmobile F85 Cutless

1964 Olds f85 project car - $3000

There’s a reason I’m looking at project vehicles for sale on Craigslist, but that’s a subject for a future post. For now I’m surprised at the asking price of these vehicles and I wonder if they are really getting them.

1947 Jeep CJ2A Project Trade - $4000
1947 Jeep CJ2A Project Trade - $4000
1947 Jeep CJ2A Project Trade – $4000

GM stearing gear with all stearing parts custome made from a 4×4 GM truck. No motor. Motor mounts and tran mounts are for GM V-8 and four speed tran. Two transfer cases, one is a 205, and other is Rockwell. Two transmitions one is SM 465 other is a TH 350. Have alot of parts, It has a Dana/44 front and rear, wheel base 8 inches longer and wider, leaf spring over axel, axel’s are drilled 6 lug Chevy disc brakes, rear drum, fly wheel, Bellhousing, Starter, all brackets for motor, roll bar, and many more parts. Clean title.

67 Ford Mustang project. - $3000
67 Ford Mustang project. - $3000
67 Ford Mustang project. – $3000

i have a 67 mustang coupe up for sale its primerd grey and ready for paint i have every to put it together
come with motor and tranny i would love to get $3000 for it but i will consider every offer

1972 Nova project car
1972 Nova project car
1972 Nova project car – $2500

1972 Nova project car that i bought and do not have the time or space to work on at this point, hate for it to go to waste, $2500.00 OBO. Its a rebuilders dream, just not able to do the work. it has TWO 350 engine blocks with it (no block currently in car), boxes of parts, tires, and a detroit locker transmission. It is a Great Buy! it is not running so it does need towed. i have had i garaged since purchase.

1964 Olds f85 project car - $3000
1964 Olds f85 project car - $3000
project car – $3000

1964 Olds f85 cutless no motor no trans $3000 obo

Someone Stole Gas From My Truck In My Driveway

tire tracks from gas theifs

There’s no better way to feel violated than to have someone steal something of yours from your own home. Even if it’s a few gallons of gas.

This morning I walked out to my truck to when leaving for work and saw my gas door and cap off of my truck. My first thought was “that’s not suppose to be like that”. Then I started to realize that someone stole the gas and I started to panic a little while I wondered what else they did, did they try to break into my house too?

The snow we had the night before was a big help since they left tire and foot tracks all over and it was easy to determine exactly where they had been. Thankfully all they did was take gas and they didn’t take much as a gas can only holds a few gallons of gas. They even left marks in the snow from the hose and the gas can.

hose and gas can marks left from gas theifs

It was suggested on Twitter that I check if they drilled my tank, which happened a few months ago in Rio Rancho. Thankfully they did not drill a hole in my tank.

Finally, I used the Rio Rancho Police Department’s online crime reporting form and left for work. In case the perpetrators are reading this, I have made some security related updates in case of a next time.

Two New Mexican's Lost, 1 Killed Between Chandler And Albuquerque

I first read the article on December 6th from azcentral.com “New Mexico couple missing after leaving Chandler” where Dana and Elizabeth Davis went missing driving from Chandler, AZ to Albuquerque, NM along US60. It’s something that caught my attention because I have driven that path many times.

On December 9th the news was not good as azcentral.com com followed up “New Mexico man recounts mountain ordeal that took life of wife“. On their way back they took a side trip to a “wildlife refuge near Socorro, N.M” which I assume is the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge and in the process got lost and ended up on a forest road in a snow storm and got stuck. They were trapped for 5 days and eventually decided to walk out but Elizabeth didn’t survive the walk out.

Master Bedroom Remodel: It's Almost Complete

Its hard to belive that I can call a project complete, but I’m getting so close to the Master Bedroom project being complete.

Last month I hired someone to finish the drywall in both the bedroom and bathroom (along with a hallway issue). They taped and cleaned up the parts where the new and old dry comes together then textured them.

Master bedroom needs a closet door

Since then I have painted, put in a new door and installed the closet hardware. The only thing left is to put in trim, all the outlet covers and a closet door. Those will be completed once I decide exactly what I want.

New Mexico's Basis International Wins Against RIM

A New Mexico company, BASIS International Ltd, has won a restraining order against Research in Motion maker of the Blackberry phone. According to the New York Times, RIM has changed the name of it’s operating system and it has nothing to do with the lawsuit.

Less than two months after Research In Motion announced that its new operating system to revive the BlackBerry brand would be called BBX, the company has changed its mind. Now, it will be called BlackBerry 10.

The late change followed the granting of a restraining order on Tuesday by a federal court in New Mexico to a small Albuquerque-based software maker, Basis International, that has long used the name BBx.

In a statement on Wednesday about the name change, RIM did not address the trademark infringement action by Basis International. “The BlackBerry 10 name reflects the significance of the new platform and will leverage the global strength of the BlackBerry brand while also aligning perfectly with RIM’s device branding,” the statement said. RIM did not respond to questions about whether it has abandoned the BBX name.