What Happens To Cactus In Severe Cold Weather

cactus affected by cold

We had some record or near record below zero temperatures in the Albuquerque area this winter. While native plants can handle the cold, this might have been too much for them. Good To Grow as several pictures of the effects of the cold on local cactus and Agaves.

I have a small prickly pair cactus in my front yard. Ever winter it “lays down” like the cactus in the pictures. Hopefully it survived.


Dumbshits Who Live In Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Every city has people who are not very intelligent. Rio Rancho, New Mexico has the appropriately named James Dickie.

Dickie allegedly burnt the dog, burnt his scrotum, burnt his testicles, in order to save himself the expense of possibly having the dog neutered by a licensed veterinarian,” said John Francis of the Rio Rancho police. Police said two days before the incident, Dickie was seen violently beating Charlie in the yard. According to the police report, Dickie drop-kicked his dog several times and threw the animal into a yucca plant.

Mr. Dick-ie was arrested and faces a 4th degree felony. The dog had $700 in hospital bills payed by a neighbor. A follow up indicates that Mr. Dick-ie has more dogs and the Rio Rancho Police can’t do anything about it. He will probably have them taken away when he is hopefully sentenced.

At least one neighbor is clueless.

One neighbor told Action 7 News that the accusations against Dickie do not paint a fair picture of him, and that he takes good care of his animals.

How To Fix The Sony “for use with compatible battery only” Error

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I bought 4 extra batteries for my Sony DSC-HX5. After a while when I would power on the camera with of the batteries the camera would give me an error “for use with compatible battery only” and then the camera would shut down. I didn’t think this was a problem with the camera since 4 of the 5 batteries (including the one that came with the battery) would work without error.

I did a google search for the error “for use with compatible battery only” and found lots of people with the problem but not very many solutions. It took some searching through the pages and I found that if the center pin is shorted by the other two pins it would reset the battery.

for use with compatible battery only

First I fully charged the battery. Then pressed a piece of aluminum foil over all three contacts at the same time to short the center contact. It took a few tries but I knew the reset took when I put the battery into the camera and it wouldn’t start up. I put the battery back into the charger. The camera charged for about 5 minutes, I then put the battery back into the camera and it started up without error.

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