1981 Ford Escort Jet Electrica Vehicle

An obscure piece of automotive history has appeared on Albuquerque’s craigslist It’s dropped in price from $5800.

Electric Car for Sale – $4000 (Albuquerque)

Date: 2011-02-14, 12:19PM MST
Reply to: see below

About the same electric range as a Chevy Volt for 1/4 the cost and you will own a rather rare piece of automotive history!

This is a Jet Electrica, which is a factory converted Ford Escort chassis.
These cars were built on brand new chassis as Electric Vehicles by Jet Industries during the early 1980s.

Everything on this car is in very good operating condition and was recently refurbished. Car is being sold AS-IS (It does NOT come with batteries).
Buyer is responsible for purchasing and installing batteries. Everything else with the exception of the heater is operable and ready to function. A Cybertronics charger and a Manzanita charger are available, but are sold separately. Contact me for details.

Year: 1981
Miles: 26,100



One Reply to “1981 Ford Escort Jet Electrica Vehicle”

  1. I was wondering what I could use for batteries for this car. I’m going to be getting one soon and would like to get Lithium Ion batteries for it? Are the batteries just a regular 12V like most other cars or is it something special? I know it originally had a Lead acid battery.

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