Craigslist: Warhead Expert Wanted

Craigslist Warhead Expert

This is an odd job to A) be posting on Craigslist and B) to be posting by Kellyservices.

Warhead Expert

This position is a mid-level Scientist/Engineer/Analyst, in a participatory role for (but not limited to) the Effectiveness Analysis, Employment Concept, and Technologies & Alternatives Working Groups (EAWG, ECWG, and TAWG) on the LRSO AOA.
Candidate shall provide subject matter expertise in nuclear warhead knowledge and design, radiation hydrodynamics, related materials properties, interactions, and manufacturing practices (including special nuclear materials), specific knowledge of components and subsystems, such as gas transfer systems, arming, fuzing, and firing (AF&F), detonator sets, high explosives, use control, and a complete and comprehensive system-of-systems understanding of warhead design.
Candidate shall be knowledgeable in MS Office applications and be able to decompose, describe, and articulate complex concepts, via written and audio-visual means using (e.g., PowerPoint briefings) to customers, leadership, and Working Group stakeholders. Subcontractor shall communicate effectively with scientific/technical personnel, fellow DoD contractors, and leadership/supervisory personnel.
Travel: Travel, if required will be funded separately.
Work location is Albuquerque NM, to be split between on-site support in the Intelligence & Requirements Directorate (XR) of the Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center (AFNWC) on Kirtland Air Force Base, subcontractor’s own facilities in Albuquerque, NM, and occasional meeting and other activities at other sites (including, but not limited to *********** Albuquerque, NM offices).
Special Requirements:
Candidate must have as a minimum an active DoD TOP SECRET with Special Compartmented Information, and access to CNWDI and RD/FRD. The subcontractor will comply with all DoD requirements for the handling, storage and transportation of an classified documents needed for the LRSO AOA.
Candidate must possess the appropriate level of training and formal education consistent with a Warhead Expert.

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