Craigslist: Get Paid To Taste Beer (Probably A Scam)

Craigslist Taste Beer

We are a brand new beer brewery and looking for tasters to try our very first beers to hit the market.

In order to be considered as a taster you must meet the following requirements:
– Must be over the age of 21 and provide the proper identification(Driver’s License)
– Must bring a designated driver 18 years or older and also with proper identification

Tasters will receive $100
Designated drivers will receive $50

An Albuquerque Craigslist ad claims to offer beer tasting for $100 because they are a brand new brewery. They fail to mention the brewery name or much else about them. I’m sure applicants will have to first listen to their time share hard sale or other shenanigans. Too good to be true.

Albuquerque Cops Working In Bikini Tops

Local Albuquerque news station KRQE reports that two off duty female APD officers pulled over a man in bikini tops.

“(They wore) very superficial clothes,” Spilca said. “Like a shirt unbuttoned to here and very short pants.”

In addition to the bikini tops, which were visible underneath the two officers’ unbuttoned shirts, Jara and Kelly had pistols tucked into their short shorts, he said. Besides the guns, the only other thing that identified them as police officers were badges pinned to their shorts, Spilca said, adding that it wasn’t obvious that the women were cops.

The man who was pulled over, Ilie Spilca, has apparently filed a citizen complaint with the APD. I just don’t understand why. When I’m pulled over by female APD officers I would much rather they be in Bikini’s. Or be wearing those tear off uniforms, take out a boom box and start dancing.

Sadly the included TV news report does not include photos of the officers in bikinis.

Globalfoundries Recruiting In Albuquerque

Globalfoundries, Formally AMD, is recruiting in cities that have Intel factories for their Fab 8 factory in New York. Including Albuquerque. has an article on the hiring.

GLOBALFOUNDRIES was launched in 2009 with a simple but ambitious goal – to become the world’s first truly global semiconductor foundry.

Since then, we have achieved this goal by investing in manufacturing operations spanning three continents.

We are charting a bold new course to completely reshape the landscape of the foundry industry through a collaborative approach to both technology development and customer engagement.

To support our growing global operations, we are currently recruiting experienced semiconductor industry professionals to fill new positionsat the company’s corporate headquarters in Silicon Valley and at the company’s new Fab 8 facility currently under construction near Saratoga Springs, NY.

Do you have what it takes to join our team? Are you ready to help rewrite the rules of the semiconductor industry?

Apply now and join us at one of our selected tour stops across the U.S.

We will be hosting “Opportunity Summit” events in the following cities:

Manassas, VA September 7-8

Austin, TX September 15-16

Dallas, TX September 16-17

Albuquerque, NM September 27-28

Chandler, AZ September 29-30

Boise, ID October 5-6

Salt Lake City, UT October 7-8

Milpitas, CA October 14

Portland, OR October 19-20

Burlington, VT October 21-22

Boston, MA October 25-26

Portland, ME October 27-28

Milpitas, CA November 11

Craigslist: Warhead Expert Wanted

Craigslist Warhead Expert

This is an odd job to A) be posting on Craigslist and B) to be posting by Kellyservices.

Warhead Expert

This position is a mid-level Scientist/Engineer/Analyst, in a participatory role for (but not limited to) the Effectiveness Analysis, Employment Concept, and Technologies & Alternatives Working Groups (EAWG, ECWG, and TAWG) on the LRSO AOA.
Candidate shall provide subject matter expertise in nuclear warhead knowledge and design, radiation hydrodynamics, related materials properties, interactions, and manufacturing practices (including special nuclear materials), specific knowledge of components and subsystems, such as gas transfer systems, arming, fuzing, and firing (AF&F), detonator sets, high explosives, use control, and a complete and comprehensive system-of-systems understanding of warhead design.
Candidate shall be knowledgeable in MS Office applications and be able to decompose, describe, and articulate complex concepts, via written and audio-visual means using (e.g., PowerPoint briefings) to customers, leadership, and Working Group stakeholders. Subcontractor shall communicate effectively with scientific/technical personnel, fellow DoD contractors, and leadership/supervisory personnel.
Travel: Travel, if required will be funded separately.
Work location is Albuquerque NM, to be split between on-site support in the Intelligence & Requirements Directorate (XR) of the Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center (AFNWC) on Kirtland Air Force Base, subcontractor’s own facilities in Albuquerque, NM, and occasional meeting and other activities at other sites (including, but not limited to *********** Albuquerque, NM offices).
Special Requirements:
Candidate must have as a minimum an active DoD TOP SECRET with Special Compartmented Information, and access to CNWDI and RD/FRD. The subcontractor will comply with all DoD requirements for the handling, storage and transportation of an classified documents needed for the LRSO AOA.
Candidate must possess the appropriate level of training and formal education consistent with a Warhead Expert.

send resume>

The Left And The Right On Albuquerque's Bicycle Bridge

Albuquerque built a $7 million bicycle bridge across the Rio Grande an named it after bicycling enthusiast Gail Ryba. It’s interesting to read how the left and right respond to the new bridge. On the left, former Mayor of Albuquerque Jim Baca likes it.

It is so great to see this structure named for her. She deserved it. It doesn’t happen many times that a good person’s memory is honored in an appropriate way

While on the right, Paul Gessing thinks it’s a waste of money.

I have to say that I think that folks like those living in this trailer could have used the $7 million dollars more than the wealthy yuppies who will benefit in some small way from this expensive new bridge (you can get to the Bosque Trail from the Montaño Bridge Bike Trail already). Oh well, such are the economics of our federal government’s failed “stimulus” policies.

Although I am not likely to ever use it, I think it’s a good use of money to build the bridge. Stimulus money or not. More bicycle paths in Rio Rancho would be better.

Update: Richard C at RFGWatch says Paul Gessing is dishonest.

Gessing could have easily checked on the bike path map (link) from the city of Albuquerque’s Web site to see that bike and multi-use paths go in all four directions from the area that he asserts is the end of the line.