Green2V: Non Existence Solar Company To Build Big Ass Factory In Rio Rancho

Governor Richardson was with Mayor Tom Swisstack of Rio Rancho today to announce that Green2V will build a million square-foot factory and headquarters in Rio Rancho. With Advent Solar and Schott AG building solar factories in Albuquerque, I wondered when one would build in Rio Rancho.

I have a number of concerns about this company, primarily that the company doesn’t seem to exist. As far as I can tell the privately owned Green2V doesn’t have any buildings or even a website and Wikipedia doesn’t have a page for them. The companies CEO, Bill Sheppard, is a former Intel New Mexico manager. Convenient since I suspect a large number of Green2V employees will come from the Intel New Mexico site. I don’t know where they are getting their money to build this company, what experience they have or what their business plan is.

The only thing I know is that their ambitious plan involves building in downtown Rio Rancho and that they want to start shipping in 2011. I hope this works out.

Update: Just to be clear, I’m not suggesting this is some sort of scam. I really want this to work out and I may even want to work for Green2V. I’m suggesting it’s a little early to get excited. It could turn out like Tesla, Lions Gate or Signet Solar, all established companies that planned to build in the Albuquerque area and didn’t for one reason or another.

3 Replies to “Green2V: Non Existence Solar Company To Build Big Ass Factory In Rio Rancho”

  1. Yeah, I did a quick check too – it’s so weird to have no info about this company – I wonder who owns the technology that produces the solar cells? I’ll bet they’ll import the solar cells from China and assemble panels here.

  2. Nice one Gregg – I will bet you can get good odds that in six months no one will remember this Ghost project . The DOE has just refused to support a similar plant in Belen and it folded why should RR be any different or are these the same people who marketed the Santa Anna star center.

    They are good though ” Rio Rancho the marketing capital of vaporware in the world ”

    You can normally tell how badly these projects will turn out by the amount of polls waving their hands in the front row

    Lets see NM looses = 26000 jobs and creates 1500 ghost ones

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