Intel Infoscape Display At CES

Intel had a display system built specifically for CES which they call Infoscape or “the Intel Cube”. It includes two touchscreen glass walls measuring at 7 x 7 feet (1920 x 1920 resolution). The walls are equivalent to two HD displayed stacked on top of each other but they are a single screen. I can’t image who they got to build these custom screens or what they cost.

These screen are there to demonstrate Intel’s 2010 Core i7 processor and Intel HD graphics chips. Many bloggers were impressed including Engadget but says Intel’s not going to make it a product.

Intel confessed that it has absolutely no plans of commercializing something like this itself — but that’s not to say someone else couldn’t grab a Core i7 and run with the idea themselves.

It’s too bad that some other company has to come out with a impressive product like this. Video of the display can be seen at Intel’s page on YouTube.

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