Stop-N-Go: In-N-Out Burger Want-To-Be in Albuquerque

In-N-Out Burger hates Albuquerque. They refuse to build any restaurants in the State of New Mexico. (ok ok, perhaps they are trying not to go out of business by over expanding like Krispy Kreams. whatever). What happens where there’s unfulfilled demand? Knock offs, like Stop-N-Go that was found by KOB in southwest Albuquerque.

While In-N-Out Burger only serves burgers, Stop-N-Go serves wings. This isn’t a bad idea from my perspective. KOB fails to indicate if Stop-N-Go serves non-frozen meat, non-frozen french fries made right from the potato in the store and real ice cream shakes. So far the reviews on Yelp are not favorable.

It’s a bit far from Rio Rancho and doubt I will make it to that side of town unless I hear rave reviews. My waist line is better off in either case.


4 Replies to “Stop-N-Go: In-N-Out Burger Want-To-Be in Albuquerque”

  1. I was wondering what would happen if someone had tried to order a “double-double” from stop and go. Sort of like ordering a big mac at burger king. But I am behind the times, I haven’t heard of a “triple-triple” or even a “four by four!” And, I used to live next to an in-n-out (but years ago). These are copyrighted names by in-n-out? No wonder we as a nation are so fat.

  2. So sad to hear In-n-Out burger doesn’t have plans to come to Albuquerque, NM… I’m from CA, and I miss them! This is how good they are… I don’t even eat red meat!!! I get the “grilled cheese with grilled onions”. You still get their crisp lettuce, juicy tomato, and of course, their famous sauce. And… the staff are always so nice…

    1. I’m not convinced that they wont come to Albuquerque. In-N-Out Burger’s primary goal is to provide fresh unfrozen beef. That means their stores have to be close to a distribution center where they can get the beef out quickly.

      They are starting to open restaurants in Texas and had to build new distribution center(s) which means they may be willing to do the same in New Mexico or they might support New Mexico.

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