Man Drives Nearly 80 MPH Standing Through His Sunroof

What kind of people live in Chandler, Az? Not me anymore but Richard Anthony Flores does, who drove nearly 80 mph while standing through his sunroof. The cameras on these section of freeways are made very obvious, the guy was trying to get someone’s attention.


During the first incident on Nov. 6, Flores reportedly reached 90 mph in a 65 mph zone on the San Tan portion of the Loop 202 near Lindsay Road.

In the other two incidents, Flores was captured on camera driving his Volkswagen Passat while standing through his sunroof. Those incidents occurred minutes apart on Nov. 11 on westbound U.S. 60 near Mesa Drive, then Alma School Road. Flores reached speeds of just under 80 mph, according to DPS.

Flores’ vehicle triggered DPS photo enforcement cameras 14 times in October and November. Investigators have tied Flores to eight of those violations.

Bailey said Flores “wasn’t surprised when he was contacted.”

He was also served with seven civil speeding citations.


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