Intel Finland Stunt Shoots Men Out Of A Cannon

I am sitting here besides myself wondering what the fuck is going on here. Somehow I don’t think it’s real, some sort of advertisement for Larrabee?. Video also available on YouTube.

Hello, I’m Martti Roth from Intel Finland. At Intel, we love trying new things. So, when me and my team decided to create the world’s biggest Intel chime, we used five big cannons, five big tubes and five big heroes with helmets on. Yes, I suppose it was a little bit crazy!


2010 Energy Tax Credits

One Project Closer has a run down on the 2010 energy tax credits that were extended by the US Congress.

I’m glad to see that doors are still on the list as I intended to have them replaced at my house, but ran out of money. Another project on my list for next year is a new metal roof.

For all qualified upgrades, the credit is 30% of the covered cost up to a $1500 total credit. For instance, if you pay $3000 for insulation (excluding installation costs), your credit would be $900. The house must be your principal residence and the credits don’t apply to new construction. Other, upgrade-specific restrictions apply, so see the site for details.

  • Energy Efficient Windows and Doors, including many Storm Doors and Skylights. Cost eligible for the tax credit does not include installation costs. Certain other restrictions (like U-value and IECC qualifications apply).
  • Water Heaters. Credit includes installation costs; some restrictions for energy efficiency apply.
  • Metal and Asphalt Roofs. Credit does NOT include installation costs. The roof must be highly energy efficient (asphalt roofs must have cooling granules, for instance).
  • Insulation, whether spray foam, fiberglass, or blow-in cellulose, they’re all covered so long as they meet IECC requirements. Installation cost is NOT covered.
  • HVAC Components, including certain Advanced Air Handlers, Air Force Heat Pumps, Central A/C Units, Boilers, Propane, and Gas Furnaces. Tax credits include installation costs.
  • Biomass Stoves.

FTC Sues Intel


The US Federal Trade Commssion is joining the EU and going after Intel on antitrust charges. Updated: link and text changed to the FTC’s website.

The Federal Trade Commission today sued Intel Corp., the world’s leading computer chip maker, charging that the company has illegally used its dominant market position for a decade to stifle competition and strengthen its monopoly.

In its complaint, the FTC alleges that Intel has waged a systematic campaign to shut out rivals’ competing microchips by cutting off their access to the marketplace. In the process, Intel deprived consumers of choice and innovation in the microchips that comprise the computers’ central processing unit, or CPU. These chips are critical components that often are referred to as the “brains” of a computer.

Intel responds. Updated: Link changed to Intel’s official press release.

“Intel has competed fairly and lawfully. Its actions have benefitted consumers. The highly competitive microprocessor industry, of which Intel is a key part, has kept innovation robust and prices declining at a faster rate than any other industry. The FTC’s case is misguided. It is based largely on claims that the FTC added at the last minute and has not investigated. In addition, it is explicitly not based on existing law but is instead intended to make new rules for regulating business conduct. These new rules would harm consumers by reducing innovation and raising prices.”

Bocce Ball Court Installation


Sunset Magazine’s Fresh Dirt blog has and article about a couple in San Diego who replaced their pool with a Bocce Ball court. I found this interesting because the people I know who play Bocce Ball usually play on any surface they can find.

The Bocce Standards Association website has information on the international standards of a Bocce court. At 76 x 13 feet, it’s something I could fit in my back yard. I may have to try building one.

Children Need To Be Taught The Truth About Dinosaurs

The local TV news stations KRQE has a news story about a preview event for the “Walking with Dinosaurs: The Arena Spectacular” show at the Santa Ana Star center in Rio Rancho. The show uses a combination of actors in costumes with animatronics to show very realistic dinosaurs which can walk freely.

In the preview event the video very clearly shows that they have what is reported to be a baby tyrannosaurus rex who interacts with children. Although the tyrannosaurus rex is not real, The children are allowed to pet it like it’s some sort of giant two-legged kitten (I have a kitten, they act just like this). The fact is that the tyrannosaurus rex is a very dangerous species of dinosaur much like all dinosaurs are.

Clearly the producers of Walking with Dinosaurs do not want children and adults to know the truth. If a child was to approach a real tyrannosaurus rex in real life, like they are in this preview event, the child would most likely be eaten. Parent’s need to teach their children the truth about how dangerous Dinosaurs are because clearly the makers of Walking with Dinosaurs cannot.

Update: More details of the show are on the Rio Rancho Observers website.

10 New Mexico Lift Tickets For $125

The American Lung Association is having a New Mexico Skiing Lift Ticket Promotion. Pay $125 for 10 lift tickets with a 2010 Ski Card. If you use this card 3 or 4 times, it will have paid for itself.

Cardholder is entitled to one complimentary adult lift ticket at each of the following ski areas, subject to any conditions listed. Equipment rentals/lodging not included. Limit one card per person.

New Mexico Ski Areas
1. Angel Fire 800-633-7463
Not valid 12/21/09-1/3/10; 1/15-1/17/10; 2/12-2/14/10; 3/14-3/20/10

2. Enchanted Forest 505-754-2374
No Blackout Dates!

3. Red River 505-754-2223
Not valid 12/25-12/31/09; 3/13-3/20/10

4. Sipapu 800-587-2240
Not valid 12/20-12/23/09; 12/27-12/31/09; 1/2-1/3/10; 1-16- 1/18/10; 2/13-2/15/10; 3/8-3/11/10; 3/15-3/18/10

5. Ski Apache 505-464-3601
Not valid 12/19/09-1/3/10;1/16-1/18/10; 2/13-2/15/10; 3/6-3/14/10

6. Taos 505-776-2291
Not valid 12/27/09-1/1/10; Not valid after 2-15-10

Colorado Ski Areas
7. Arapahoe Basin 888-272-7246
Valid Sunday through Friday any day of the 09-10 ski season, excluding 11/27/09; 12/24/09-1/4/10

8. Monarch Mtn 888-996-7669
Not valid 12/26/09-1/2/10; 1/16-1/17/10; 2/13-2/14/10; 3/12/-3/21/09

9. Ski Cooper 719-486-2277
No Blackout Dates! Not valid with any other offer!

10. Sunlight Mtn 970-945-7491
Not valid 12/26/09-1/3/10; 2/13-2/15/10